Thursday, April 29, 2010


................... . My mood for today 4/29 /10 is Happy.
"Time is so precious-do not waste it.".
" Wasted years will come again no more".
To visit Misty and Oreo Click here!..This is where I get my early morning SMILE. Dad.

"To laugh often and find the best in know even one life has breathed a little easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Eagle Web Cam... You should check on these Eaglets, they are growing so fast, We have enjoyed them so much this year DAD.

.This link above will show you the Tennessee Valley weather.
.Above are my three outdoor Cams which worked good yesterday and I hope that the same will be true today. I enjoyed # 3 yesterday, I hope that you could hear what I was trying to say to you as you watched the birds and other things going on out there I would like to have an email from you letting me know where you are comming from.MY EMAIL IS
The plant pictured at the top of this page is of course one that you have seen before, these plants belong to Mary. She is very proud of them. And of course she is using Biota Max on them. Notice the nice color and healthy look of the plant. We will be showing you this plant again soon. The way that Mary got things going right was to do what it says below. Think about it maybe you will do the same. DAD
ORDER Biota Max™ NOW!.
..DAD's Special - Biota Max Soil Probiotic 1 tablet - 1/4 acre home pack - DAD's Special $5.85 4 tablets - 1 acre home pack- DAD's Special $19.95 20 tablets - 5 acre pack- DAD's Special $99.....
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Shooting My Universe.
Right here below is the link that you must see if you want to be producing good home grown tomatoe Sandwiches. Be sure and read it all all the way to the bottom, you will be glad that you did. There are many things here about end rot, blight and the generaly ask question about producing tomatoes. After you look this over I would like to hear from you Dad...
Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page

In my opinpon this is the worst of blogs this morning. I just don't seem to have very much to say, but I am feeling real good and as you know my mood is Happy, I do have a few more tomatoes to get in the ground today. So I might pop in again today or I might talk to you on Cam # 3.
And I do have Starbucks ready.
Do remember my trusty friend my Side Panel today. Maybe I will have something that you can enjoy
in the Morning.
We must be kind to all that we are with today, they may be having problems that are hard to bear. We know some that are. Let's do all that we can to help them. "Live for others."
I hope to see you in the morning.


Becky said...

Good morning, Dad! I'll have a little coffee to help me finish up my work. I hope you have some lovely weather today and enjoy planting your new tomatoes! It's so exciting! I'm going to have to check your cameras for sure today.

I want to recommend a series that just started on The History Channel, if you have tv and get that channel. It is called "America: The Story of Us". It is brand new, and it is excellent and brings history to life.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Have a great day with your planting.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Emerson's poem is a favorite. And one of the reasons I stop by to visit you everyday is to find somes smiles and to laugh a bit. The coffee is very good as well!

Today is Misty's birthday and Sara has put together a fun video. I'm sure you laughed and smiled watching her sweet dog.

Still too early for me to plant. Our growing season is so, so short. I hope I ordered tomato plants that yield tomatoes in a short number of days. I plan on planting some sweet basil this week. I so enjoy sweet basil with tomatoes. ?

Enjoy this beautiful day outdoors. ...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Those eaglets are almost too big for their nest! They're eating on their own now, I see. Hope you have good weather for getting those new plants in; Ms. Mary, your cabbage is looking quite good! ;) Have a wonderful day. Love, Jamaka and fams

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hello Dad Mary's plant is looking very healthy ~ I hope your weather is good for you today and you get your planting done ~ Ally x