Monday, June 14, 2010


This rose is from Dad's 2010 rose garden.

."Time is so precious-do not waste it."
" Wasted years will come again no more "

." Live for others every day, 'tis the true the better way."
My mood for today 6/14/10 is Happy.
Good Morning.
I have several good reasons for being in a Happy mood this morning. I am glad that God in his tender mercy has given me another day, another clean sheet and I want to be careful today and not mess it up.
And another reason for happiness is memories of our Sunday morning meeting. We were blessed with having 7 visitors with us. We did have a very encouraging meeting. Much was said that I will not soon forget. And seeing these young men and women living their lives to please God makes me want to keep on going to the end of my life, Dad.
Good morning Sara.
I am waiting to hear all about what happened over the weekend, I know that it will be interesting here is where I go to find out
Sara's Dog Training blog. Thanks so much for all those beautiful pictures, Dad.


Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page
Here above is a link that I fail to show as much as I should. If you love tomatoes and want to produce your own be sure and read it to the very end.
These two below are interesting.


Eagle Web Cam

Glen in Australia.
Shooting My Universe

No I did not forget the Starbucks Sumatra X bold its ready. Dad
This is all for now, Since this is Monday I will not close this until later today. Be " GOOD" until I see you again..Sending Love and Good wishes to you, where ever you are in this world.

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Sara said...

We did indeed have a busy weekend. It was a good time though. I'm so proud of my little boy, Oreo! He did great!

Today, we relax!


Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

We are home again and I am ready for a visit with you and a cup of Sumatra.

How nice to be greeted this morning by a beautiful smiling rose. I can tell you are in a very happy mood this morning. And you should be with roses so beautiful and their wonderful scent filling the air. And fresh tomatoes ready to be picked. And cardinals fluttering about your feeder and water fountain. What a wonderful site it must all be. Today you can sit on your porch surrounded by all this beauty and reflect on the words from yesterday meeting and smile.

I am also smiling as I remember many happy moments spent this week with my grandsons... cherry picking, baseball game, ice cream eating, puzzle making, playing games, aquarium visit, giving baths, reading stories, etc. Now it is time to rest up for the next visit.

Have a wonderful, peaceful day. ...Sara's Mom

p.s. I am enjoying your Rose Garden slideshow on your sidebar...wish the pc could send me the scent as well.

Joan said...

I'm back DAD...

I went to visit the eagles and saw Mama and only 2 eaglets so I went to the eagle blog:

and found out that one of the eaglets was found in a pond. It has been rescued but hasn't been released yet.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hello Dad just popping in to say Hello and to make sure you are OK ~ Have a lovely rest of Monday ~ Ally x

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Gorgeous pink rose! Very glad to hear your Sunday was a good one. Dad, if you read this right after I post it, you may want to check in at WVEC again -- BOTH parents and all THREE eaglets are there! Love, Jamaka and fams