Monday, April 25, 2011


'' My thought this morning was that I would show a meek and quite Spirit to all that I meet, even the birds and other animals that visit my Habitat "

Good Morning

How are you feeling on this Monday morning, you know how I feel about Mondays, I am always glad To see them, I am anxious to get back in the harness and back to the job of producing Tomatoes, Roses and Smiles.

The Rose that Mary is showing you above in the video is an example of what we hope to be showing you during the year.

Pucker Up and Plant Some Dill

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 07:45 AM PDT
By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Everyone is familiar with dill as one of the sour components of dill pickles but dill also has a long history as an herb that provided protection for those who processed it.
The term “dill” comes from an Old Norse term, “dilla”, that means to soothe, calm and/or lull.

Dill was valued by the Romans, as a way of improving ones luck, while the Greeks viewed it as a way of encouraging wealth.
Many Romans and Greeks hung the seed heads of dill in homes, doorways, and above cradles to protect the inhabitance from evil.

It was also believed that if evil approached you, protection could be acquired by serving the evil spirit a cup of dill tea. On the other end of the spectrum, it was believed that if you served wine infused with dill to someone who you desired to have a relationship with then…

Regardless of ones feeling about dill, this herb is a beautiful addition to any garden and is a great herb to start with especially if one is a beginning gardener.

To start a dill-planting project, either plant in a container or in the garden. Dill requires a rich, well-drained soil. Only plant dill seed and not plants. Dill does not do well when it is transplanted and since it is so easy to grow from seed there is no real reason to plant plants.

Start the dill-planting project in the spring by sprinkling the seed on the garden soil and cover with ¼ inch of soil.
Water the area in and monitor the moisture level throughout the season. Continue planting seeds every three weeks until mid-summer is reached.

This approach will guarantee a constant supply of dill through the whole growing season.
To get the most from the garden space, consider planting dill around roses. Roses are notorious attractors of aphids. Dill attracts beneficial insects whose larvae feed on aphids.

To add a designer touch to the garden space or container garden, plant dill and marigolds together. Never plant dill and fennel together. Both of these plants will pollinate the other and produce herbs that are not true. This lack of “trueness” will prevent the herbs from being edible.

Both leaves and seeds can be harvested from the dill plant. To harvest dill leaves, pick in the early morning and only pick what you are going to use that day. To harvest the seeds, wait until the seed head turns brown. Once they turn brown, cut the seed head off and place into a paper bag. Hang the bag up and wait for the seeds to fall into the bag and enjoy.

Until we blog again, sweet and sour is the game when one thinks of dill. Remember though, that if evil spirits prowl or love evades then give dill a try to save the day.


I do want to say just a little about our Sunday, it was a beautiful day temperature of 83 degrees. Plenty of bright sun. In our meeting Sunday we had 10 out of state visitors with us, they are spending their vacation in the smokies. They are from one of the northern states, I do not recall which one at the moment.We appreciate all the help that we receive from our visitors, and also I would like to tell you that there is a Sunday Morning meeting just like ours in their home parts. DAD.

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I am ready to stop and I have not even mentioned our SIDE PANEL, what is wrong with me ? I am sure that you know about it and I hope that you will make use of it today.

I plan to come back in the morning if all goes well.



Sara said...

Good morning DAD,
I'm up early to try and get a walk in with Oreo before the rain comes in again. My garden sure is getting lots to drink lately!

Oreo had a fun day at my mom's yesterday. He got to eat some bacon, kielbasa, and herd their coffee table instead of ours for a change.

Happy Monday. Can't believe I have to goto work in a couple hours. It will be good to see the kids though. Seems like I haven't been there in a month.


Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Sounds like your Easter was glorious... perfect weather, full house for Sunday meeting with old and new members, and spring beauty and scents all around.

I enjoyed Mary's video of the red red rose. She needed a very steady hand to film the red rose blowing in what looks like a strong wind.

Once again you have given us helpful gardening tips. I do like dill a lot, I use it all summer on cucumbers. I didn't know it was so easy to grow. I will try to grow some in the back of my perennial flower garden and in a container with marigolds surrounding the dill. It will be pretty as well as delicious.

Another rainy day here. I need to get out and walk off some of the Easter Feast calories, so a walk around the shopping mall will have to due today. Hope you are having a sunny gardening day. ...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and handsome sunny Prince:

What a beautiful crimson rose! I wonder if it is Princess' rose? Very lovely. We have almost all colors of roses blooming right now.

Dill is one of my favorite herbs - I like to add dill weed, chopped onion, olive oil, and a little vinegar to green beans -- makes them quite special! No measuring -- just add "to taste" ;)

The advertising offer sounds like a good one --where else can people put up an add that would be seen by so many nice people every day? ;)

Love to you all, and special PURRS to the Prince from Jamaka and fams <3

Anonymous said...

Mary's rose is a beauty. Thanks for the article on Dill Weed. Jamaka's dill with green beans reminds me that we do the same but with lima beans. I like dill, chopped cucumbers and a bit of salt mixed into plain yogurt.
Tonight, I am going to have dill with green beans ala Jamaka. Thanks you. Aloha all....Sara's aunt

madcobug said...

I loved that rose video and hearing Mary's voice. Glad that you had some visitors at church and had a nice day. Helen