Saturday, April 30, 2011


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Camera # 2 is out right now, but should be back in service in the early afternoon Dad

Good Morning.

This is the morning that we are all waiting for, a nice weekend coming up which we all love, a day of rest for many of us. I hope that you are feeling good and that you are still in that nice warm bed, and I want you to stay there as long as you want to this morning.

I am feeling real good, even able to Smile, and when have a cup of that Sumatra x bold coffee which is just about ready that smile will get bigger.

We are doing well with our hail storm storm cleanup and will be getting new Tomato in the ground in a few days.

Our Camera # 2 is still out, we will be working on it today, we are sorry for the delays, some things that none of us could help, but remember we are not giving up.

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By Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

"A hot house is a great tool that any gardener can benefit from but not everyone has the money or the land required to build one.

A simple hot house can be designed to fit on a windowsill or shelf with no problem.
The concept of a hot house is that it is heated “building” that utilizes solar radiation.

Reflective materials compound this radiation through the use of stone, barrels painted black and filled with water or a combination of many different technologies. Below is a list of supplies that are needed for one hot house but I promise once you make one you will want to make more.

1 12-inch by 12-inch by 16-inch cardboard box
1 roll of aluminum foil
1 11-gallon clear plastic garbage bag
Super glue
Bag of potting soil
Seeds such as cold season crops such as Bibb lettuce or radish
Package of clothespins

Measure 4-inches from the bottom of the front of the box. Draw a straight line following this measurement all the way to the sides.
Continue the line on each side up to the opposite upper corner.
Cut along the line. The front of the box should have a 4-inch lip with it tapering up the sides.
Cut aluminum foil to fit the sides and back of the box. Secure the foil onto the box with super glue.
Using scissors cut plastic bag in half along the side and bottom.
Place one half of the cut plastic bag on top of the foil.
Place 3-inches of soil in the box and smooth the surface over with hand or hand rake.
Plant chosen seeds and gently water in.
Taking the other half of the plastic bag, place it on top of the cut box. Pull tight and secure with clothespins.

Place hot house on windowsill or shelf.
Check soil often to prevent the soil from drying out.
This hot house helps any gardener overcome the gardening withdraws and helps extend the season by providing a winter supply of cole crops. Also it is great for those who live in apartments and cannot have a true hot house. So until we blog again, as I age the growing seasons seems to become shorter without any means.
Hot houses cold frames, and hot beds all extend the time until the tilling of the soil can began again without loss of time. So this year pledge to stretch the gardening clock with a hot house that no one can knock.'

This is Saturday, I am going to slow down not stop, I keep this open all the day as usual, so I will be seeing you all day.

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I do have something new to announce. You can now view the lighted fountain and the garden by clicking CAM-1 right below

Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #1

Hope to see you Monday.



Sara said...

Good morning Dad. I slept in a bit this morning, but am now ready to start my day. Weekends go by to quick, no use on wasting it sleeping!

Hope you have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

Sipping some Sumatra and enjoying a visit with you this beautiful morning. I will wait for it to warm up a bit before heading out to do some yard work. You are probably out there already working so hard to return all to its natural beauty. The hothouse sounds like a good idea for starting those tiny tomato plants a little earlier and keeping them safe until a later planting time... after threats of tornados are gone. I hope your roses survived the storm of the century and you can cut some and bring them into your home to fill it with sweet, sweet scents.

Work hard in the morning and rest among the flowers in the afternoon with Prince at your side and a cup of sumatra in your hand. I will be thinking of you as I go about my cleanup work which will be so much easier than yours.. I will not complain...I'll just go forward like you suggest.

...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

I clicked on CAM 1 before reading your blog. What a surprise to see the fountain and Tomato Garden. "Gambatte" as the Japanese say to keep moving forward and do your best. That is what you and Mary are doing. Have a lovely Sunday meeting sharing and learning with your friends. Aloha, Sara's aunt.