Wednesday, April 20, 2011


" And even though disappointments come, they too are best for me,to wean me from this changing world and lead me nearer Thee "

Good morning.

I am almost ashamed to show my face this morning, I made a mess of everything yesterday, but I think that we finally got things headed in the right direction, We did at least get a few plants in the ground and expect to do a little more today.

The weather is being good to us in the 80s today, and no rain expected today. That makes Dad smile.

And how are things going your was today ? I always like to hear you say wonderful, because I do feel good myself. I am even able to smile.

Why don't we slow down and have our morning coffee of course it will be Sumatra x bold Starbuck coffee, and that will give us a help to get us started.

"Congratulations! You just had your first visitor from Virgin Islands, U.S."

Visit Virgin Islands, U.S. on Wikipedia

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" Measure twice- Saw once ".. This is the policy of all good carpenters , I am now making that my policy in talking. Think twice before I ever open my mouth. My talking has caused me so much trouble in the past. I remember what James says about the tongue in his writing.

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I will stop for a little while, my coffee cup is empty, and I am in need of a short break, I will be back in the morning and Sooner if anything happens that I think you would like to hear.

( Notejust received a tornado watch for east Tennessee 4 a.m.)



Hollie said...

Good Morning Dad,
I can't imagine you making a mess of things!!! I thought I'd drop by for a good ole cup of coffee & a little chatter. We are supposed to be having rain later on here today. They are predicting a storm or two.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

I think I know who the visitor from the Virgin Islands was...Oreo's Mom. She has sent me a few photos of the beautiful beaches and blue skies. I'm not showing them to Oreo because for 3 days he had to go outdoors in the rain and hasn't had any play time. On Friday he will be so ready for an early morning walk with Sara.

Sara did put a bag of Sumatra coffee out for me and I am enjoying the coffee break with you. I hope you don't get those heavy winds which could damage you newly planted tomatoes. I also hope you will be showing us photos once the garden is completed. Are you seeing any growth in the tomatoes planted last week? I think they are where Mary planted cabbage last year.

Put on your biggest smile and get planting. Each day in the ground means one day closer to eating a juicy red tomato. I'll go visit your cam so I can see some of this 80 degree day and catch some sunshine. ...Sara's Mom