Friday, April 22, 2011


Good Morning,

How are you this fine morning ? All I know right now is that I am up, and I don't have any thing to say, I hope that something will come up to talk about.

Some one sent me this below, it will do untill something comes in. DAD

( I hope that you will be able to get out of this when you are through, I had a little trouble myself, but it is good )

I am beginning this journal a little later this morning, nothing wrong.

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I have not very much planned for this morning, so I have just been sitting here with Prince and enjoying having a cup or so of Sumatra x bold coffee. I am feeling good, able to smile, and I am in a happy mood. I am sure there is plenty to do out there, and I won't be in the house very long.

I hope that my Side Panel is still serving you well, if there is any problem at all write to Dad at and he will see what he can do. "We are here to please you "

" Measure twice- Saw once ".. This is the policy of all good carpenters , I am now making that my policy in talking. Think twice before I ever open my mouth. My talking has caused me so much trouble in the past. I remember what James says about the tongue in his writing.

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This above is an example of what you can get in our Side Panel.

Knopf's poem for today is Kwon Homun’s “Two Poems On Fishing” written in the 16th century. A popular subject that describes the quiet reflective process being more important than the product...“the best way to understand how to live is to ‘fish without catching any.

”Two Poems On FishingShould I go drinking and wenching?Oh, no. It isn’t proper for the poet that I am. Shall I go hunting wealth and honor?I am not inclined that way either. Well, let me be a fisherman or shepherd and enjoy myself on the reedy shore.When it stops raining at the fishing site I will use green-moss for bait.With no idea of catching the fishI will enjoy watching them at play.A slice of moon passes as it casts a silver li onto the green stream below.

This above is the poem that I was waitng on, from my fiend Joan.

This is enough for today, but I do hope to see you early Saturday Morning if all is well,

If anyone sends me a poem this morning I will come back and enter it.



Anonymous said...

Good morning DAD...

Finally a day without rain and the sun should be shining brightly through the kitchen window this noon as a group of us gather to make dough that is filled with either potato, cheese, or saurkraut. Then folded and boiled, covered with butter, and refrigerated to be served on the Easter dinner table. It will take all day to make several hundred of these Polish/Ukrainian pierogi. This year there will be 3 generations working the dough and coloring eggs. I wish you could join in the fun. The hostess has a 94 year old gentleman friend who may stop by to taste the pierogi.

Do you and your family have any Easter traditions that you would like to share on your blog. I hope you have a peaceful, reflective, memory filled day and weekend.
...Sara's Mom

Sara said...

Jeff & I made it home late last night around 12:45. Oreo was so happy to see us. Of course, he wanted to play and we wanted to goto bed!

I needed lots of coffee this morning, so I could take Oreo for a long walk and play a bit in the yard. It will be tough getting back into our ol' routine after our relaxing vacation.

HOpe you have a good weekend!