Tuesday, June 14, 2011




Good Morning

Now you see that momday was not so bad, we got through it in good shape. I want us to stop all that dreading for monday to come.


I do want to say Hi to my Korean frind, and I hope that she is reading this journal. I do enjoy what she writes, it is encouraging and I needs lots of that.


Congratulations! You just had your first visitor from Jordan.


Hi Ray,
Yes we do have a website now.
We are ready to start weekend trips!
We have no chance of growing tomatoes outside here. The nights are simply too cold!
Hope all is well on your end. We got to see Dennis K. and Jennifer Downs at our conv. this past weekend.Good days. Seems kind of strange to have conv. at the beginning of summer!
Laura and David

David and Laura are friends of mine, and I do think that you would enjoy one of their week end trips. Give them a call to make reservation. Dad.

I wish that I did not have to write this, but it does take money to keep every thing going on, without it every thing would come to a screching halt,

This is why I am selling advertising space is this Journal, and I think it is priced right, $ 1.00 per day will give you all the space that you need to show your company name and any product that you have, and it is read in over 100 countries of this world. One new country was listed yesterday. ( Jordan ))Your money back if you are not satisfied. DAD.....Write Dad at white6416r@aol.com and you will be listed today, no deposits or long contracts to sign. Your money will be refunded if you are not pleased DAD.

I need to mention the pictuure of the books by Victor Weals that are in the side panel at the top. Vic loved the mountains, hiking and talking to the people who lived in the Smoky Mountains. I have been reading the one pictured and its hard to lay it down. I don't want to talk to much about these books, I know that it could get boring. Dad

If you have any questions concerning these books write Helen, vweals4403@comcast.net and she will answer any questions.

The price of these books are $ 12.00 each, plus shipping and handling.

I now have a copy of the "Legends of Cades Cove" in my hands, These books would make excellent Xmas gifts, Birthday gifts or Graduation gifts and would be interesting to students, just send me your list and I will do the rest. vweals4403@comcast.net. Credit Cards Checks or, Money Orders, accepted. Helen.I do recomend these two books

June 14th weather report, we expect rain Wednesday. Smile, DAD

More sun than clouds. High 28C. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.
Mainly sunny to start, then a few afternoon clouds. High 84F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.

I do need to stop and have another cup of that Starbucks x bold coffee, and a little nap, but I will be up soon and out doing what I like best producing Tomatoes, Roses and Smiles.

I do hope to see you again in the morninl, " Be good " untill I see you.



Sara said...

Good morning Dad.

I have the day off today. No exams for my students. Was hoping to sleep in a bit, but Chewy had other plans. It's a good thing he is cute and fluffy!

Oreo has a dr. appointment this morning, then we will head to the petstore for food & treats, finally we'll end up with lots of playtime in the backyard! Should be a good day.

My tomato plants have grown so tall the past week. Can't wait to be able to pick some.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

Anonymous said...

Good morning DAD..

How delicious you tomato plants look! I hope when I get home on Saturday I will have a few tomatoes peeking out of the yellow blossoms.

Today we will visit Sonnenberg Gardens with its 10,000 roses in bloom. You may get a few photos from me of roses. It is a cool refreshing cloudy day so we may have to eat our picnic lunch indoors.

Keep smiling at those tomatoes and sinner you will be biting into one. Have a pleasant day. ...Sara's Mom

Sheila Y said...

Good afternoon Dad and Mary, I hope your week is going well. Take care and stay cool, Sheila

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Miss Mary, and sweet Prince:

Sounds like you're having perfect gardening weather today and don't those plants look good! I'm surprised you can resist picking those and frying 'em up, Dad! ;)

Don't we all wish we were going with Sara's Mom to see all those roses today? That sounds like so beautiful a way to spend a day.

My Baby Su jumped up on my lap as I was reading your post today -- I think she wants me to give her special regards to Prince >^^<
Love to you all, and big purrs from Jamaka and fams <3