Wednesday, June 29, 2011


" Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today"

Good Morning.

We have waited so long to get our new roof. so much rain, now it looks that today is our day. The workers will be here early to begin the job. Smile. Here blow is our weather report  and it looks like we have several days in a row just like this one.


Abundant sunshine. High 31C. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.

Mainly sunny. High 88F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.

I have no idea what I should talk about this Wednesday morning, the best thing that I could do right here is ask you how things are going in your part of thief world

I am feeling good this morning, and why should I not. I am getting a lot done today A cup of coffee right here would be good, better if you were here to share it with me, Dad,

You may order these books pictured above  $14.00 + postage. send order  email to either Dad or Helen and you may use PayPal, we have found it to be the best.  DAD

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Our Bible study for tonight is Luke chapter  twenty three.

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    I have not give you very much this morning, I think that you will understand, as you know what is going on here, I need to have another cup bog coffee and a short rest before I get busy, After this is over I will get back to my job of producing tomatoes roses and smiles

    BYE    BYE    DAD


    Sara said...

    Yay, sunny days! Hope you can get your roof fixed, that should ease your mind a bit.

    Hoping for sun here today as well. We have someone coming to seal coat our driveway.

    I'm off to pick berries and walk the dogs.

    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning DAD....

    Another beautiful summer morning. I'll have my coffee out on the patio please. In the summer it is a wonderful place to the winter it can be brutally cold. So I will take time to enjoy these lovely days. I'll do some outdoor work on the house today...not a new roof..but clean windows and doors. I enjoy working with an mp3 player reading me a book while I work. I stay focused and get more done while listening. Current book is by Lisa See. Work and book await me so I'll finish my coffee and visit and wish you, Mary and Prince a lovely day and inspiring evening with Luke. ...Sara's Mom

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

    Hope your new roof is well on its way to completion by now, and that sweet Prince has a nice, quiet, serene spot to relax and hide away from the noise ;) Also hope your insurance is helping a lot on this.

    Enjoy your afternoon/evening! Love to you all and many PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3