Friday, May 28, 2010


My mood for today 5/28/10 is Happy.
."Time is so precious-do not waste it."
." Wasted years will come again no more "

.." All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today."
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Sara I am feeling better this morning but I still want to see Misty and Oreo. I just can't start the day off without it. When I see that first smile from them I begin to smile myself. I am glad that I learned the way to your house I just click on Sara's Dog Training blog and I am there. Thanks Sara for all the pleasure that you bring to us. DAD .

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Here is my thought for today.
" Teach us Lord our Days to number, may we spend them one and all. In Thy service watching waiting, till we hear the final call."
Permission to use thought from the hymns from R.L.Allen & Son of Scotland.

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I want to come back in the morning if all is well.
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Lynne said...

Hi There! I hope you are enjoying sunshine and good weather your way. We have a 70% chance of rain in South Maryland today. That is ok because for the most part I will be indoors and getting stuff done around the home front. I wanted to share recently we had a snake sighting out in our back yard. I hope everyone is being careful out there because they can be dangerous to pets and small children, well and adults too. This one was a rather large rat snake and my dog decided to try and play with it. Scared me and I did not handle it too well, but I will get better with establishing country nerves and grit, lol. Have a wonderful day!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

It is a lovely May day here. It will be nice to sit on the patio with a cool glass of ice coffee after doing some gardening.

I checked on the eaglets....all 3 flew last night with 1 flying right onto the camera branch. Soon they will soar off in flight "dancing with the clouds".

Seeing the eaglets fly made me wonder what flying must have been like for you and I found this verse written by a pilot:
Flight is freedom in its purest form,
To dance with the clouds which follow a storm;
To roll and glide, to wheel and spin,
To feel the joy that swells within. To leave the earth with its troubles and fly,
And know the warmth of a clear spring sky;
Then back to earth at the end of the day.
(from Impressions of a Pilot by Gary Claude Stoker)

Enjoy the the birds flying to and from your water fountain and enjoy the memories of your own flights. ...Sara's Mom

Ally Lifewithally said...

Dad it has been a nice day here today I am glad to see the Sun ~ Glad your mood is a Happy one today ~ and I hope your weekend will be a blessed one ~ Ally x

Sara said...

I'm glad you are feeling better today. We had an absoultely gorgeous day here today! Couldn't ask for better weather!

Misty enjoyed laying around on the deck, or on some cool rocks. Oreo followed me around and then found a cool spot under a lounge chair. They were happy dogs, being able to be outside ALL DAY!


Lisa said...

I sure do enjoy your journal entries!! We are growing tomatoes this year again...five different kinds. We also are growing green beans, snap peas, lettuce, corn, radish, carrots, cucumbers, and cantaloupe. Oh and pumpkin... God Bless You!
Lisa in Kentucky

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Really enjoyed your Thought for the Day, and also what your friends Sara's Mom and Lisa had to say. Sounds good! Hope you do enjoy memories of your flying days, Dad -- it's a one-of-a-kind experience, isn't it? We have 3 branching eaglets and one just flew from one branch to another. Looks like they're trying their wings. Wishing you both a wonderful weekend and safe journeys wherever you go. Love, Jamaka and fams