Saturday, May 29, 2010


This picture above is one of Mary's cabbage plants. The only fertilizer that was used was BIOTA MAX. Mary is so well pleased with the results. Its time fou you to try this. You can see that it works. Dad
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My mood for today 5/29/10 is Happy.
"Time is so precious-do not waste it.".
." Wasted years will come again no more " .
." All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.".

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Seeing the eaglets fly made me wonder what flying must have been like for you and I found this verse written by a pilot:

Flight is freedom in its purest form,To dance with the clouds which follow a storm; To roll and glide, to wheel and spin,To feel the joy that swells within. To leave the earth with its troubles and fly, And know the warmth of a clear spring sky; Then back to earth at the end of the day.
(from Impressions of a Pilot by Gary Claude Stoker)
This above was sent to me by Joan, Thanks Joan, I have experienced these things, Gary is so right. Dad
Sara I am feeling better this morning than I did Friday morning but I still want to see Misty and Oreo. I just can't start the day off without it. When I see that first smile from them I begin to smile myself. I am glad that I learned the way to your house I just click on Sara's Dog Training blog and I am there. I hope that you and all your family have a nice safe weekend, DAD

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Here is a short Video of Mary's cabbage plants. A heavy rain storm was approaching as we attempted to make it so we were a little rushed. You may be able to hear the thunder, it was really dangerous for us to be out there but we made it safely inside. Dad.
These three links above to my Cams, and the link here below is the links that you must see if you want to be producing good home grown tomato Sandwiches. YOU will find a lot about end rot & blight and a lot of help about other problems .
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Scattered thunderstorms possible High 30C. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 50%.
A few showers early with scattered thunderstorms arriving for the afternoon. High 86F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 50
I think that I should stop far a while, but I will keep this open a while so I can post anything new that might come in.I will have plenty of that Starbucks Sumatra X bold cofee and also hot tea all day today, I wish it were possible for you to come and see me.
I do want to tell you this, we are begining to see a few Humming birds at our Wildlife Habitat feeders, and we are happy because we love to watch them.
Don't forget " Live for others. "
I want to come back on monday morning if all is well.
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madcobug said...

Mary's cabbage are looking so pretty and are really growing. She has a nice row of them. You two have a nice Memorial Day weekend. Helen

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Thanks for having the Sumatra sure is nice a bold.

Smiling cabbages all in a row... what a lovely greeting this morning. The thunder in the background of the video sounds fairly were very adventurous being out making videos for our enjoyment with that storm coming. Looking out my window this morning I think we will get some of that rain and thunder today.

I used the BiotaMax on my tomato, pepper, and basil plants last week and they are all looking green and healthy and growing nicely. So far, I am pleased with my gardening attempts.

How wonderful to have hummingbirds in your yard. I have only seen them a few times and I could have stood there for hours watching them feed. On a nice day, when they are feeding in your wild habitat, do make a video for us.

Have a nice Memorial Weekend. ...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

Mary's cabbages smile at the sun and dance through the storm. The Biota Max is keeping them strong. These beauties feed your soul and nourish your bodies. Can I call them "mon petit chou?" Aloha, Sara's aunt

Karen A. Cooke said...

Tell Mary that her cabbage plants are beautiful! I have never grown cabbage before, but after seeing hers, I just might give it a try next year. Love ya, Karen

Sayit-baldys said...


jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Don't those cabbages look delectable! One time I grew ornamental cabbages -- the kind with the purple ruffly leaves -- and they got a lot of attention from the grasshoppers ;( These, though, look just about ready for salads and stir-frys, don't you agree?

Sorry to check in so late -- had company today. Have a wonderful blessed Sunday, and love to you both from Jamaka and fams

Lynne said...

My husband is from IL. He makes some sort of cabbage roll with rice, hamburger, tomatos and juice, onion. He loves it. I bet he would love one of those cabbages, lol. Those are beautiful. I'm glad you both got indoors though, one can certainly hear the thunder! God Bless