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KOR My son, Jim, has some rose bushes. They are called Double Knockout roses. He planted 5 bushes last spring, and 5 more this year. He told me that one bush has over 30 blooms. the picture above shows one of the blooms. Click on the logo on the right just below the picture to learn more about the KNOCKOUT FAMILY OF ROSES.

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My mood for today 5/17 /10 is Happy.
"Time is so precious-do not waste it."..
" Wasted years will come again no more "

I am hoping that I can hear you say that your mood is Happy even though you know that it is another Monday morning, many of you seem to dread for it to come, but we have no need to worry about it if we love and seek to serve the one who holds the future in His hands.

I am feeling some better this morning, over the weekend I was feeling a little weak and not having much strength, but a little rest and the help that I received from our Sunday morning meeting has help me so much.

So you see that means that if the weather permits that I will be outside tending to those tomatoes, roses and my WILDLIFE HABITAT. We also had planned to make a trip up to Grainger county to look at their tomatoes which are ready to eat, and I just know that we will bring a bushel basket of them to do until ours are ripe. They are good but not as good as the ones that comes out of Dad's garden. Dad

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I am glad to see Oreo enjoying him self and also making us happy. Dad

''A friend of my sister sent this video and writes that these are not her moose but she often has them visiting in her garden: ''

If you listen really close to the audio you can hear the woman, who is recording, trying to keep her kids quiet in the background."

Joan sent this. Dad

One of the eaglets has "branched" as shown in a photo and described on

At nine weeks of age Camellia (NC) has taken a giant step toward fledging and independence. The first photo above by photographer Duane Noblick taken at 9:35am May 15 clearly shows Camellia out of the nest and doing what is called “branching”. This is a process of leaving the nest, gaining balance and coordination, a lot of exercising to build up their pectoral muscles in order to be able to take flight. As Camellia gains confidence he will move further out on this and the other branches.

This above was sent by Joan.

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.Here below is the link that you must see if you want to be producing good home grown tomato Sandwiches. Be sure and read it all all the way to the bottom, you will be glad that you did. There are many things here about end rot, blight and the generally ask question about producing tomatoes. .
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We had a question about end rot yesterday,if you will click on the above link it might be of some help to you. If you don't find it here send me an email to

.This is all for now, as usual I may be back after a little while if any thing comes in that is interesting.

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Becky said...

Morning, Dad! You are so right about that fountain... it really is a soothing sound. I watched that video twice, and the second time I just closed my eyes and listened. Thank you for sharing that. You have a good Monday!

Sara said...

Those knockout roses sure are named correctly! I'd love to have the job of naming plants. Wouldn't that be fun?

The baby moose video was very cute. Baby moose wouldn't stay in my yard too long. Misty & Oreo would surely send them away quickly.

Happy Monday!

madcobug said...

Loved those roses and the fountain video. Those baby moose were so cute. Mama took it all in stride. any kind of baby is so cute and sweet. Hope those tomatoes will be good. Have a nice day along with Mary.

Sonya said...

Yeah I do kinda hate having to go back to work on Monday morning. Usually it is never as bad as it seems, but I put my "armor" on anyway. lol. Hope you have a lovely day!

Joan said...

Good Afternoon DAD...

Yes it is afternoon already. The morning went by too quickly, most of it spent on the telephone with family and friends. Lending an ear seemed to be important work this morning.

I am sitting here typing and listening to your water fountain in the background. It is so peaceful to watch and calming to listen to your voice and the water. Thanks for sharing it with us today. And thanks for another lovely variety of rose. Jim sure does take after you with his green thumb and his daily blog. I'll be going over to visit him shortly.

Sure hope you feel well enough to go up to Grainger County for some locally grown tomatoes. It is a lovely day for a ride into the country. Bet you come home with more than just tomatoes! Have a fun afternoon.

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Dad -- did you get out to get your tomatoes? Your fountain is so pretty -- I wonder if I should get one for "our" birds. Those sure are knockout roses! I toured the site and they are all beautiful.

That moose video is amazing! Really love it. We don't have moose here, but we do have squirrels and raccoons. Sometimes a raccoon dumps my watering can on the front verandah -- one time I caught him doing it. ;) And Camelia is still "branching" right now. Some powerful wings there!

Have a wonderful evening. Love to you both from Jamaka and fams