Thursday, October 20, 2011


Be true today, let not the thoughts of tomorrow hinder your peace and rest of today

Windy with a few showers. High 12C. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

Windy. A few showers from time to time. High 54F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 30%

Here it is as I promised. Dad.

" My mood for this Thursday  is of course Happy "

Good morning

What about your mood ? You know that your life will be an example to all you meet today, think about it and do the best that you can, try to be a help in this cold cruel world.

As you know Jim has been with us for a few days to give Mary a little break, he had to go  home yesterday afternoon , so Mary and I are all alone this morning. we are going to miss him, he was so much help to us, we will just have to put our nose to the grinding stone and do our best. I have all the confidence in Mary she knows a lot more than Dad does about this journal. DAD

Dad's Tomato Garden Problem Solver

.You will value this next spring, keep it handy, DAD

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We have an early stop to make this morning before  I get my oxygen   treatment, so I had better stop and get dressed for that two hours of treatment.

We will be back here when it is all over around 12:30 P.M. and tell you more. and I may have a nap this afternoon. Prince wants me to do that.

I am sending Love and best wishes to all the world.

BYE     BYE     DAD


Joan said...

Good afternoon DAD....

We both started our day in a happy mood. You are probably ready for that nap after your morning of treatments and treating the staff to smiles and laughs. I bet prince meets you at the door to greet you with some rubs and purrs.

There is s neighborhood garage sale tomorrow so I spent my morning looking for unused items to put out for others to use or repurpose. my sign will say "free" ... I will be happy to have less stuff in my house. It feels good to see empty spaces.

Now for some coffee. Enjoy your quiet afternoon.
...Sara's Mom

betty said...

Hello, DAD,
I have good news from Hawaii. Gone are the days of plastic tasting tomatoes in the Islands.
Big Wave Tomatoes got a super write up in AAA Hawaii. The grower, Jeanne Vara is known as "The Tomato Lady." What a great title! It is a joy to eat a good tomato. It is a joy to eat a good tomato in Hawaii. Maybe she checks your blog. Aloha for HI....Sara's aunt