Monday, October 24, 2011


Good Morning.

My mood is happy on this nice Monday morning , what are you fussing about ?

Smiles are scarce around here and it being Monday morning don't help any. I thought that little owl flying right at you might make you grin at least. Come on I can't produce smiles with out your help.

(slow motion...beautiful)

There are times when nothing but a cup of that Starch Sumatra x bold coffee will bring a real big smile, and I think that this is the morning, I see a lot of you standing around, come on push in and pour and drink. Dad

Don't let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.

John Wooden


Sunshine. High 23C. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.

Mainly sunny. High 74F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.

The weather looks good to me this morning, but I don't know if it will get me outside or not, I do have a lot of work to do inside, maybe  I will just do that, I know that I would have a better chance of a nap with Prince if I do. Smile.

Dad these are good.

Here are some really good thoughts that someone sent to us: Mary

*Matt. 22; those invited wouldn't come to the wedding because they wouldn't change their plans…but those who came from the highways likely changed theirs to come.

*I can be a good person without prayer but I can't become like Jesus without prayer.

God is unlimited. He could have created everything in one second, if He chose. But He chose to make things through a process. And what He’s doing in our lives, His spiritual work is a process. Gen. 1:2-5; the world didn’t look like much to start with, but He didn't leave it that way. God can turn on the light, but we have to respond. V. 14-16 light was given a source. The moon is a reflector. The moon is like the Law; it ruled in the absence of the Son. It was a tremendous help, but it didn't have the warmth & light of the sun (Son). The sea—there’s a fascinating world under the sea, but in the next life there will be no more sea. We don’t want to be too preoccupied with things that will have no part in the world to come.

*In the old Law, those who reaped the fields were to leave the corners unattested for the poor and strangers. How big of a corner were they to leave? There are no specifics given. The corner would be as large as the heart of love the farmer had.

Many eyes saw the crucified Christ, but only anointed eyes saw the resurrected Christ.

Thanks Mary, I enjoyed the thoughts very much, DAD

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    Always be a little kinder than necessary

    James  M Barrie said this.

    It will soon be time for me to be getting that oxygen treatment, two full hours breathing that wonderful oxygen, I must not miss it.

    I want to remind you of a few things that I did not get here today, that you can find on the side panel. Oreo and chewy, my books by Vick Weals, my ability to furnish advertising space, and more, I am going to stop and let check on these things for yourself

    If you will let me I would like to visit you again in the morning I have the feeling that this is going to be a good week for us.

    I love you, even if you are my enemy. I don't feel that I have very many enemies but you never know. but Jesus said to love you.

    BYE     BYE     DAD


    Sara said...

    Good morning. I hope you had a good weekend.

    Oreo and Chewy spent most of the day outside yesterday~playing, exploring,hiking, etc. It was a good dog day!

    Hope they will take a long nap while I'm at work today.

    I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

    It is a great Monday morning here at my house. I'm about to get my 2nd cup of that good coffee here and am smiling as I see you are up and ready for a great day. Happy Monday!

    Joan said...

    Good Morning DAD...

    I really need a cup of that warm x-bold is quite chilly here..even the windows look frosty with the morning dew on them.

    After viewing the video of the owl eagle, I had to google to see if the bird was an Owl or an Eagle. One amazing video of an amazing bird.

    Mary shared a lot of good messages today. I'll have to go back and read them again. Enjoy the ride to your HBOT and then bring joy and smiles to those who greet you and assist you. ...Sara's Mom

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and stripey, handsome Prince:

    Looks like these days they need to widen and deepen those corners by quite a bit, don't you agree, Dad?

    Sure am glad your O2 treatments are helping you to feel so wonderful. They sure sound great!

    Love and PURRS to you all from Jamaka and fams, tardily posting for Monday on Tuesday <3

    Anonymous said...

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