Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Good morning

My mood is Happy today.

If yours is not we need to do something about that. We all need to start this day with faith that it is going to be a good day for us. We all need more faith and we should pray to our God every morning that he would increase it. There would be a lot more peace in our lives, and we would not be running around in circles doing nothing, and no more unhappy moods, "Life is so short-do not waste it" use every moment of it living for others, then you will have no regrets when the sun goeth  down, which may not be very long for some of us, it is hard for me to realize that God has in mercy giving me 98 plus years to spend in this world, Oh, I have wasted so much of it, I plead for mercy. DAD


Sunshine. High 24C. Winds light and variable.

Mainly sunny. High 76F. Winds light and variable

I am so pleased with the way I feel these mornings when I get in here to write, I just feel full of pep, a few weeks ago I cold not honestly say that, bring on the tomato season, I am ready to go. SMILE.  DAD

I have a list here in my office that is headed. " Never do any of these thing today, You can do them tomorrow" well I need to get busy and clean that list up a little anyway, tomorrow never seems to come.

One thing that I hope to begin today, I am sure that you have noticed that we do not have our usual lighted Cams, the ones in the past have not been very good, but we have something new that I think you will enjoy. Please give us a little time, You know that it is cold out there.

Any way they will be nice to have when the tomato season arrives.

" There is not much wrong with the younger generation that becoming a parent and a taxpayer wont cure" 

" The accent may be on youth these days, but the stress is still on the parent"

The two thoughts above are from Over The Hill & On A Roll

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I am going to stop here and get ready for that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, I must not ever miss that. I am not going to talk about money and any business affairs this morning, there will be time for that later.

Mary and I may have one stop to make on the way home at noon, we need a keyboard very bad, I have a bad habit of sometimes  eating while I work, that is going to stop.

Have you told anyone that you Love them this morning, well I am doing that right now, sending my love in all directions from Dad's Tomato Garden. See you in the a.m.

I am sorry that I did not get back to you. I am typing on a new wire less key board that we bought, and I will be using it on my journal in the morning after we arrived home after the oxygen treatment, all went well and I am feeling real good.

BYE      BYE      DAD


Sara said...

Your keyboard sounds a bit like mine! I have crumbs stuck in all the crevices.

It is starting to get colder here...I heard the weather man mention the "snow" word yesterday! Not sure if I'm ready for that just yet.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I am Happy and I am ready for a coffee break before heading out to run lots of errands. Once they are done I plan to spend a very relaxing afternoon with several friends. We haven't been together in over a year so there should be lots of catching up to do and lots of reminiscing going on over several cups of coffee...lunch may last into dinner time.

I, too, eat at my laptop and sticky keys do occur. I have a can of Dust Destroyer (compressed gas) that I spray on the keyboard. And thanks to you, I will look for it and give my keyboard a bit of a cleanup.

Pleasant dreams and thoughts during your 2 hours of breathing good clean oxygen. Dream of your next big bumper tomato crop and taking a bite into the very first once of the season. Ah!

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

Happy keyboard shopping ;) I'm very glad you can't see mine, which has all kinds of dust on it, not to mention some cat hairs ;) The problem I have with keyboards is that I use them so much I wear off the letters, and then people who aren't trained to touch-type complain that they don't know where letters are ;)

Wishing you all a very good afternoon/evening and safe journeys...love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3