Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Another picture of Hayley and Dad . Do I look proud, well I am. I am thankful that Jim and Marla and Don and Martha would trust sweet little Hayley in the arms of this old man. We love her and I told Mary that someday Hayley might have a blog all of her very own.

Time is so precious-do not waste it.
The sun never sets on Dad's Tomato Garden Journal.

We are slowly showing you a few of the Video's of the tomato planting, a few more to come. DAD.

I think that a cup of good hot strong Coffee is going to come first this morning with me, I am not feeling so very good this morning, it seems that Mary and I have been very busy, the past week and it is just getting too this old man, I know that it is hard on Mary to have to live with an old grouchy Man, but I am doing the best that I can. Maybe when those tomatoes get ripe I will be in a little better humor.

I did not mention Hot Tea, but all of you tea drinkers know that I would not ever forget you.

I've learned that keeping a Tomato garden is worth a medicine cabinet full of pills.

Right Now at
66 °
Partly Cloudy.

Above is our weather report for today, we are expecting a few showers soon.

Now what about those baby Eagles, Have you seen them lately, you had better hurry, they are getting so big that you will not know them. I have enjoyed them so much this spring and summer and I hate to see them go.

As soon as it gets daylight up there we will go up to the Eagle Web Cam nest and visit with them They are always glad to see you.

We are expecting a visit from someone that we Love dearly to visit us today. My Grand Daughter, Beth who live up in New York state will be with us for the day, now that will help cheer me up. Jim and Beverly are bringing her down here. We plan to go out for lunch.

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I spent some time yesterday sitting down at the tomato patch, it is so relaxing, give you time to think. Listing to the birds sing gives me a lot of pleasure. I am going to be down ther a little more today.

I must stop and visit the coffee pot one more time, and then I am going to get too work. I hope to be able to see you again in the morning, you know what I like for you to do. SMILE.




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Donna said...

What a beautiful baby!

It sure was nice hearing those birds singing, around your garden.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Dad, #2 webcam seems to be pointing up toward the ceiling of whatever building it is in. Not getting a real clear view of the garden or anything else for that matter except the hummingbird feeder! :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good Morning! I do hope you are feeling better and enjoy that lunch with your granddaughter. You have been busy lately so try to get in an extra nap today.
'On Ya'-ma

Cindi ;) said...

Good Morning dad!!!
Hayley is cute as a button, and she looks comfy in your arms...Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Morning Ray, those two pictures of Mary & yourself holding your great-great niece were great. If you don't mind,please let Marla &husband Jim know they have a very beautiful girl. She's a little doll. That's what she looks like in Rays arms. Really enjoy those videos that are posted. Makes me realize just how much I love & miss everyone in Tn. I do hope I get to meet Marla's husbandone day. Ray, you Mary enjoy your visit & dinner with Jim, Beverly & Beth,your grand-daughter today. If I don't shut-up & get off here,you won't have much time. LOL With much love, take care & will catch you later. Just don't run to fast.HAHA A brother in Christ: Jay

Hollie said...

Good Morning Dad,
I'm sorry that aren't feeling well today. Try to get some rest sometime today. I hope you enjoy your visit with your granddaughter.

Kelly said...

Good morning Dad, I hope you get to feeling better after awhile with some good coffee and a little rest. The weather has been so fantastic I can't seem to sit long at the computer and I am working through my body's aches and pains complaining about all I have been doing. I am going to go check out the video now of the planting going on around there. That baby is so precious, she is just beautiful. :) Love, Kelly

Wecare4much said...

Bless your heart! I found your blog late last week and must say that you bring a smile to my face every morning when I read it. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Take care of yourself.

jmuhj said...

Oh, Dad and Ms. Mary! I hope you're looking out at your tomato patch right now. There's a family of squirrels there and they're really enjoying themselves! So cute. The eagles are really getting big, too -- looks like Mom and Dad are away replenishing themselves after having to feed those little gluttons for all that time. Your video is great -- how wonderful to see the family all working together! Hope you feel a lot better very soon, and are relaxing right now with some coffee or tea. Hugs and love from Jamaka and fams

Becky said...

Hi Dad, I'm late posting today. I hope you got a good nap and that you are feeling a bit better and enjoyed your lunch with the family. It makes me SMILE to think of you sitting on your porch listening to the birds and keeping watch over your tomato plants, at long last.

You're right about the eagle babies, they're almost not babies anymore, they are getting BIG. I didn't realize how big till I saw the photo of the men holding them on the day they were banded... those "little" eaglets are as big as housecats, not even counting their enormous wingspan! They will be flying very soon.

Love, and thanks as always for the good coffee!