Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Good Morning ,

Time is so precious-do not waste it.

The sun never sets on Dad's Tomato Garden Journal..

See I told you that Monday was not going to be very bad. I think that we all made it very well. And we are going to do the same with this Tuesday that has come. We started out the day with a thought that we were not going to get very much done, but when night came were we ever surprised, of course it rained a lot and we had to change our date for setting out tomatoes until Friday 4/24/09, but the surprise was that we finished our Cam that we have been telling you about. You may go there by clicking on the link that you will find over in the side panel.(It is the # 2 cam) this is where we will be setting out tomatoes on Friday morning. I hope that you will be able to be with us. I might let you help us. DAD.

Jamaka sent this link http://pet-coupon-deals.com/c/cats/ to a web site where you can see and print coupons for pet food, toys, treats, supplies, etc. Or you can use this link if the other one doesn't work. http://www.FrugalFeline.com Thanks for sharing these links, Jamaka!


Here above is a link to the blog of a friend of Dad's. It is so interesting, tells you a lot of different ways to produce tomatoes, I hope that you will take time to look at it. Thanks Cindi. Dad.

The tempeature at 3 a. m. this tuesday is 48, and the weather report still talks about showers, as I have already said up above we had to chang our tomato planting to Friday, to wet for today. But the good part is that you might want to watch us, it won't be mutch to see but I thought it might be interesting. The Garden Cam is ready and you will see the link over in the panel, with a lot of other interesting things. The title to the garden cam is Dad's Outdoor Cam # 2. We are only posting the link in the side panel as it works so much better for us all. If you do have any trouble finding just tell old Dad and he will get you there.

And I am wondering about our eagles up in Virginia. They were doing real good the last time that I saw them late Monday afternoon. As soon as the sun comes up we want to go up there and look at them and see how they made it through the night`. Eagle Web Cam They are growing so fast, before we know what is happening they will be soarning out of the nest, I am glad for them but I hate to see them go.

Why do I wait so long in offering you a hot cup of Tea or Starbucks Coffee. It has been ready a long time, it seems that when I start pecking on this keyboard I forget who I am or what I am doing. Forgive me and I will try to do better.

Just a sample of what you will find in my side panel.below.

Gatlinburg, TN Web Cam
Glen in Australia
Great Smoky Mountains Web Cam
Maple Syrup Picture Album
Record Relics
Sara's Dog Training
Snowflakes and Dear Ones
Starbucks Coffee
Tennessee Granddaddy
There's No Place Like Home
Tomato Casual

If you have any questions abour producing tomatoes, I would be glad to hear from you. I might be able to help. You might get some of your information here in the link below. Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page . This is my first web page started almost 7 years ago.

Here is my thought for today,

" Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord."

This was some good advice given to the children of Isreal by Moses at the red see. Still good advice for us all today.

It is time for me to pack up and get out of your way. Mary and I do have a few things to do early this morning, like going to Lowe's and getting a few more supplies for Friday. I am feeling good this morning, a good sleep and I think that I am going to make it, when things go good it is a lot easier for me to smile.

That'all, I am hopeing that you will be looking for me in the morning, I will be here if all is well. SMILE today.

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Cindi ;) said...

Dad, that is very sweet to post a link to my blog, thank you! The eagelettes were adorable again this am...have a great day!

Lynne said...

Blessings to you, Dad! I'm glad you made it and what a beautiful day here in Maryland. The rain washed away what needed to go, and fed what needed water. I love the rain because it means things will grow. Including your tomatoes! Blessings to you!

Mandy said...

I love the location for your new web cam. It looks so good! I am looking forward to watching you get the tomatoes in the ground on Friday!


Just Bill said...

Dad, I got to cam #2 and saw you and Mary, at 2:30 PM EDT, getting a jump on Friday's planting. You just have to be there when the sun is out don't you. I know the feeling.
Good luck with the plants this year. Bill

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:
It looks beautiful at your place today -- pretty windy, but gorgeous, and Cam #2 is showing some hopeful scenery! ;) EagleCam has a heap of sleepy eagles right now. ;)

Wishing you all success with the planting! I sent you an email about something you may be interested in seeing. Love and hugs from Jamaka and fams

Hollie said...

Good Evening Dad,
I just got home from work. Just checking in to see if those tomatoe plants were in the ground yet. Looking forward to them.... Going to check out the cam now.