Thursday, July 23, 2009


Good Morning.
Time is so precious-do not waste it.

..This link above is very interesting, and you can have a part in it if you so desire. Dad.


We are still enjoying cooler weather here in east Tennessee. Here is what AOL says is going to happn today. Today 7/23/09.

. A mix of clouds and sun. High 84F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

I am begining to need my coffee, what about you ? I am up so I will serve. What will you have Tea or coffee. I do appreciate all of you that put forth an effort to be here. Dad.

I hope that you went by Sara's Dog Training yesterday. You missed something good if you did not. It make me smile to watch those two Shelties preform. Sara you are doing a wonderful job. DAD.

These four links below are my most important Albums & Cams...
Garden Photo Album-2008..
Dad's Tomato Garden Photo Album-2009.
DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 1 Side view of garden.& the two Roses at the grave site of Princess
AD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 2 View of lighted bird bath.

Dealing with Tomato Blight

This is from Tomato Casual

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By Michael Nolan

Early BlightLooks like: Darkened spots on the older leaves, with rings. The area around the spot will often turn yellow.
Treatment: The fungus that causes Early Blight can survive through the coldest of winter months in the soil. The only way to avoid Early Blight is to completely remove any affected plants and clean all of the garden debris in the area. Some experts say that copper or sulfur spray will stop the fungus from spreading.
Late Blight Looks like: Late Blight is what caused the infamous Irish Potato famine. It presents as a gray spot on the leaves that looks almost like a grease spatter, and will often be surrounded by white mold - especially in wet weather.
Treatment: This fungus is like Early Blight in that it can survive mild winters. It can also transmit to potato plants and has been known to survive even cold winters, so the same treatment is called for.
Southern BlightLooks like: White mold appears near the base of the plant, leading to darkened circular spots on the stem that stops water and nutrients from getting to the fruit.

Treatment: Rotating crops every year can keep Southern Blight to a minimum. Some studies have also shown that fertilizers with added calcium or ammonium can help.

Next week we’ll look at a few more diseases and fungi that can affect your tomato crops. If you have any unusual symptoms rearing their ugly heads in your tomatoes, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help you get through it!

This information above from Tomato Casual may be a little late for some of us, we can save it untill next season. I want to thank Reggie for all the help that we have received from him this season. DAD .

Here is my thought for today.

" Live for others every day. Be a blessing while you may. Ever loving kind and true, Jesus like in all you do."

This thought is in one of our hymns that we sing often. It was sung at my sweet wifes furneal.

I want to thank R.L. Allan and Son for giving me permission to use this. Dad.

I do need to stop and get to work, there is always plenty of that around here. But I love to work, and as I have said before I am not afraid of work, I can lay down right beside it any day and take a nap.

I hope that your day goes well, and it will if we do our part to make it, you know what that is. See you in the early morning.


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Becky said...

Oh, my, Dad, that coffee has never tasted as good as it does tonight (or this morning, for you). I'm like you, I like it strong with just a little cream. Perfect.

I just realized that when I read your journal early like this I sometimes miss the things you add later on. Like I just saw some things on yesterday's journal that weren't there last night. I'll have to be sure and recheck the next day.

Sara said...

So happy to hear that you enjoyed my blog yesterday. I had funny doing it (and so did the dogs). We've had so much rain lately, we haven't had much time to practice.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy your coffee, I'm finishing up my cup. Trying to get myself going after last night's agility class.

madcobug said...

Our weather is cooler also. I love it. Off to look at your cams. Helen

itsVicki said...

Hey Dad! Just a quick hello this morning. Just going to grap a big hug and a cuppa Joe and head out again!
Take care!
With love,
Vicki in Birmingham

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

No blight on YOUR tomato plants, I see! They look like they are thriving. I always look forward to visiting at beauty Princess' memorial and seeing her picture -- the most beautiful rose in your rose garden.

It looks as though the eaglets have flown. Do you ever see them in the nest? I haven't for several days.

I think a tall iced coffee would be just perfect right about now. Have a wonderful afternoon! Love from Jamaka and fams