Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Good Morning.

. I wish that you could be here and watch this tree come down. This same man took another tree down last year. He is good and I enjoy watching Mike work. Mary and I are going to try to get this on our new # 3 Cam. DAD.

" Time is so precious-do not waste it."

''A smile is like a little wedge. That often keeps us from the edge. Of getting sad, or feeling blue..... I love to see a smile, don't you.''

'Begin the Day with God."

I used this below in my blog on Monday. Some of you might have missed it, so here it is one more time. DAD

Our third outside Cam that I have been telling you about is installed and can be viewed. It is completed all but the audio (Yes you will be able to hear as well as see on this cam.)

.. The lighted flag and to see where Princes is buried at the base of the flag.

The lighted bird bath in back where a lot of birds are feeding.
This Cam is our roving cam. It will be moved to where the action is. Possible several times each day.
I hope that you will enjoy following this camera around, with winter coming on it will be interesting to see how much of the Wildlife spends the cold months with Dad.
I want to look at the weather early this morning I hope that it is a sunny day. Here is what my weather source AOL says about it,
Cloudy with occasional showers. Thunder possible. High 77F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 40%.

My friend Sara is getting better every day. Since school has opened it has been so interesting. And I wan't you to notice the new pictures of Misty and Oreo. They are so beautiful. It makes me want to pick them up and give them a big hug. Why don't I just stop talking and take you right to Sara's blog. Sara's Dog Training Now you can smile and go on to your job with plesant thoughts. DAD

Posted on 20 August 2007 by tomatocasual.com
More Ways of Preserving Tomatoes: Freezing Juice and Stewed Tomatoes
, ,
By Michelle Fabio
A little while ago, we talked about
freezing raw tomatoes, and here are some more preservation ideas to make the most of your tomato crop:
Freezing tomato juice.
After washing and trimming the stem ends from the tomatoes, cut into quarters or eighths. Simmer on the stove for about 5-10 minutes, then take off the heat and let sit for about an hour.
When they’re sufficiently cool to work with, press the pieces through a sieve or grinder so that you are separating the juice from the seeds and skin, which you can discard.
Pour into bags or containers, being sure to measure first so you know how much to defrost. Seal, label, and freeze.
You can also put the juice in ice cube trays for uniform serving sizes.
Freezing stewed tomatoes.
Wash, cut off the stem ends, and peel tomatoes, then put in pan and simmer for 10-20 minutes, covered. When finished, put pan in ice water to cool, then transfer tomatoes into storage containers, leaving about an inch at the top.
Seal, label, and freeze.
Happy freezing!
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Here is a little thought that I like. It brings back precious memories of the time when Jim and Mary were growing up. What a wonderful time that LaVerne and I had. Dad
" My father used to play with my brother and I in the yard. mother would come out and say " you're tearing up the grass" " We are not raising grass," Dad would reply " we're raising boys."
Written by Harmon Kilsbrew.
This thought above almost brings tears to my eyes. Dad.
This is enough for this Tuesday morning. we all need to get down to buisness and do something good today, remember this day will never come again. let us use it in living for others not ourselves. One of my thoughts was " Many years of life are wasted living for thyself alone." and I am afraid that I have wasted a lot of years. I am going to try to do better with the little time that I have left. I hope that I can see you in the morning.
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Lynne said...

Good morning, Dad! Look forward to seeing your update on the "tree" felling. We have a large beech tree out back that may need trimming back. I may have to call someone in to do it, because it is very high.

I loved your dad's saying, so true. Thank you for sharing today and I will do my best to be a servant to others. Not always easy to do in such a selfish world. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dad. It is another gorgeous day here. Yesterday I got to enjoy the day in Stockbridge MA at the Norman Rockwell Museum. The actual paintings for the Saturday Evening Post covers are wonderful. The museum also has every paper cover as well and they are a record of life in America from the 1930s to the 1980s. Lunch was in a 1893 train station converted into a small cafe. The original train schedule, pot belly stove and ticket counter were there. It was a day filled with nostalgia shared with 2 very special friends.

Your dad's saying made me smile as I thought of my 2 grandsons who are always, always running around in their backyard and mine when they come to visit. Both their parents would agree with your dad's saying...we're raising boys, not grass. And, Sara would say .. we're raising shelties, not grass. Thanks for the smile.

Enjoy the day! ...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

That's a gigantic tree! Too bad it has to come down, but it'll be good to clear the space -- for another tree? The audio is very good on your video, by the way! ;)

Those are Thoughts to think on, to be sure! And some interesting tomato ideas, as well...btw, do you all like okra with stewed tomatoes? I like mine with a LOT of hot pepper and onions, and comino...;)

Have a wonderful evening! Love from Jamaka and fams