Saturday, October 24, 2009


Good Morning.

." Time is so precious-do not waste it"
I am making a change in the way I give you the weather report from AOL. This link above will give you a better idea of what is going on here. Just click on the link above and thank AOL. And you can also get your own local weather wherever you are by typing in your zip code or city Try it out. DAD .

I have been writing this blog since 8/24/o3. And it has always been my policy from the start to not sell Advertising, but things have changed through the years and I am now going to offer a little advertising on this blog and see how it goes. The prices will be reasonable, and the coverage good. You may check the cities and countries in which this blog is read by looking in my side panel. My ads will be run every day and the script or any pictures could be changed at your request.
If you want more information, or prices you may send an email to me at or call me at 865-850-5763.
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Be sure to check this out. It is good. Click link below.

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Shooting My Universe

These two above are good, Don't miss them. DAD.

Now I want to show you a picture of Beautiful Sammi, one of Jamaka's dear cats. Thank you for sharing the picture with us, Jamaka!

Take a look at this below!

Mary says she agrees with the words on this link.-----------CLICK HERE
Do you?

.I have been doing a lot of work on Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page getting ready for the 2010 tomato season. I want to be ready to help you all that I can. I am going to have several things mentioned about tomatoes from when you place them in the ground until you are eating a delicious home grown tomato sandwich.. And there will be no charge to you for this, just a Smile. Dad.

"Fruiting crops, including tomatoes, need full sun most of the day for good production of quality fruit. Good drainage is also important. In high to medium rainfall areas (more than 30 inches per year) work the soil into ridges and plant on the ridge or build raised beds 12 to 18 inches deep. Plan on setting out at least one cherry tomato and 4 to 6 large-fruited varieties depending on the number of fresh tomato lovers in your family. You'll need stakes or wire tomato cages to support the plants to keep the fruit off the ground where it would rot. To insure even and efficient watering, you will want to put in a drip or soaker hose system for watering. Finally, count on mulch to keep down the weeds.


I know that it is Saturday but we still have to go see Sara, Oreo and Misty, It will be Monday before we see them again. Here is the way to go Sara's Dog Training DAD.

.Why don't we see what Jim is up to today, here he is now.Tennessee Granddaddy.

DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 1 (Lighted at night.)
WEB CAM # 2 (Lighted at night.)'
DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 3 . Improvements are being made on these Cams...

Great Smoky Mountains Web Cam.The view in the Smokies has been beautiful the last few sunny days. why don't we go up there and rest awhile.

Tomato Casual .. This is good today. Dad.

.Well I need to tell you Bye Bye until I see you on Monday morning. You know that I do not write a blog on Sunday.

Let's all try to be happy over the weekend. And SMILING a little might help.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD... Your right about it being a good Saturday morning. Even though it is raining here and very dark it is good because Len came home from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. It was a bit earlier than I expected so I have a lot to do today but having him home is so much better than having him in the hospital with all those nasty germs. Plus I got to have my morning Sumatra with him and you.

I think next summer I will try to grow a few tomato plants following your advise. Last year I had one plant and grew it in a pot. Living in the northeast I may have to start a few weeks after you...but I really want to grow cherry tomatoes and some variety to make fried green tomotoes.

I agree with Mary and the Garfield link. I am definitely not a "pop" out of bed person. It was very cute and of course made me SMILE.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday.

...Sara's Mom

Sara said...

I was happy to see my mom left her comment at 8:17, not 3:30 am like yesterday! Hope that means she got some sleep last night.

I hope you and Mary have a good Sunday. See you on Monday!

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Hope this weekend is treating you both well. I got teary-eyed reading that link! Lots of wisdom there. My beloved mom said, "It doesn't get easier", and sometimes I believe she was right; but if you say "It gets better", I think I'll take that instead. ;)

Love to you both from Jamaka and family, including my sweet Sam, who thanks you for sharing his message with your readers!