Friday, October 23, 2009


The most of you will know who this is above, if not here name is Princess. When she came to live with Mary and I she was a little kitty weighing only three pounds. She was with us for 11 years but she is gone now. She passed away Feb 14th 09. We miss her so very much and I know that we always will.
In the picture above she is sitting with me at the computer as I write my blog. She would do that every morning. Notice how close she is to me you can see the keys and a speaker. She would stay right there until I had finished my blog and then she would go to Marys room and spend the rest of the night. Oh how I miss that. DAD.
Good Morning.
.."Begin the day with God.".
." Time is so precious-do not waste it ."
I am making a change in the way I give you the weather report from AOL. This link above will give you a better idea of what is going on here. Just click on the link above and thank AOL. And you can also get your own local weather wherever you are by typing in your zip code or city Try it out. DAD


This will drive you nuts!!!
Why don't we see what Jim is up to today, here he is now.

Tennessee Granddaddy
.'DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 1 (Lighted at night.).
DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 2 (Lighted at night.)


. Improvements are being made on these Cams..
Great Smoky Mountains Web Cam.The view in the Smokies has been beautiful the last few sunny days. why don't we go up there and rest awhile.
I need my coffee as early as I can get it this morning, these cool mornings call for more Starbucks Coffee and it sure does smell good this morning, sit down and smile for me. DAD.
Here is a link that I have enjoyed very much. Look it over.
And another one.
Here on my desk I have a picture of two beautiful Shelties that I look at as I write. You would know them, Misty and Oreo. But even though I have the picture I still want to go to Sara's Dog Training and see them in person and read Sara's interesting blog. If you are missing this you are missing something good. You can get your smile here. DAD.
This below was sent to Dad by John, C. It is good. Dad.

Click Below...
I have been doing a lot of work on Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page getting ready for the 2010 tomato season. I want to be ready to help you all that I can. I am going to have several things mentioned about tomatoes from when you place them in the ground until you are eating a delicious home grown tomato sandwich.. And there will be no charge to you for this, just a Smile. Dad..
Before I go away I want to say this- I think that I have done more harm than good with my tongue in the past years of my life, I have heard that carpenters have this saying " Measure twice and saw once." I want to think about that in the future when I am tempted to say the wrong thing. Dad.
This is enough for this Friday morning, I hope to be back in the morning if you don't lock me out. We are all going to smile and be kind to everyone today,
( Look right over to your right and you will see Dad's Rose Album & Princess is in it. )
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD... Here I am up at 3:30 AM; but, unlike you I will not be up for long. No coffee for me this early in the morning. I plan to be back under the blankets shortly for some more needed sleep. Yesterday was a good day for Len and his new hip. He was sitting in a chair reading and doing puzzles and he went for a walk down the hall with a PT. One of his previous college students was his nurse yesterday. I think that had to be a bit disconcerting for both of them; but both handled it well. Now I think Princess is staring at me and saying get back to bed so you can wake up later with a smile. Have a nice day. ...Sara's Mom

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good Morning ! I'm smiling right back at you this morning. It's Friday my favorite day of the week. I hope your day is a great one!

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

It looks very Autumnal on the SmokyCam today --lovely. Wish we were there!

What a beautiful Princess, helping you to write. I know how you both must miss that sweet, beautiful presence. One cat is worth more than all the dogs in the world, and then some, IMO...In fact there is simply no comparison, which is why my family and I have always loved and rescued cats. Little Princess Angel is with you both always, in spirit -- can you feel her spirit there?

Love from Jamaka and fams

Steve B said...

Thinking about your tomato garden all ready? We are already can see winter coming in Massachusetts.

Sayit-baldys said...