Monday, November 23, 2009


Good Morning.
" Time is so precious-do not waste it.".

" Wasted years will come again no more
Many years of life are wasted living for thyself alone.".

This is another one of those Monday's mornings that we all worry about so much about, but why worry everything is going to be fine I will soon have the coffee ready and a cup of that good Starbucks will get us going, sit down and relax and enjoy. Dad.
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For some very interesting information about the above all tomato growers should click on this link here. DAD.

.This link above will give you the weather report for the Tennessee Valley , and you can also local get your own weather by typing in your zip code. This reports changes as the day goes on so the report you get is always current. Dad.
.Shooting My Universe..Do not miss this today.

Sara's Dog Training That is where I an going this morning, I am enjoying my visits there each morning. Misty and Oreo are getting better every day, Give them both a big hug for Dad this morning. How do you do all that you do ? Thanks for giving me a good start each morning, Helping me to Smile. Dad.
I will be back on Tuesday morning.


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Sending love and good wishes to all of you all around this world.


Anonymous said...

Morning to you & Mary this fine day, Ray.Just wanted to let you know not to eat alot on "Thanksgiving Day". Actually want to wish you both a very good week ahead. Love to you both & yes, let's not forget to count our blessings every day. The Lord has truly supplied us with our needs daily, all our lives. That's plenty to be thankful for, & this great truth we have.

madcobug said...

Have a great day Dad, I am smiling at you, hope you can see it LOL. Helen

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD..

Posting #2000...what an accomplishment! Congratulations!

I found this quote by William A. Ward on Tennessee Granddad's blog: God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?"

I came by to have my second cup of Starbuck's coffee and pick up a few SMILES and to be reminded not to waste the day and to be kind to everyone. Now I am ready to get to work on preparations for the thanksgiving feast. But first DAD let me use 1 second to thank you for your coffee, your smiles, your advise, and your kindness which makes so many of us happy each day....2,000 days!.

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Happy Monday, Dad and Ms. Mary!

I'm enjoying my coffee and SMILING, thanks...I've just been reading all about Finland and looking at your friend's lighthouse photos. Wonderful! Wishing you both a great day and from Jamaka and fams

Sara said...

2000 posts! Wow! What an accomplishment.

Misty & Oreo loved their extra hug from you this morning.