Wednesday, December 16, 2009


" Time is so precious-do not waste.".

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I want to get off to a good start this Wednesday morning, I want to tell you that I am feeling good. My sleep was so restful last night. But as you see by what I say next we still need that good cup of coffee.

Why don't we have a good hot strong cup of Starbucks Coffee before we go any further. I beleive that I can do a better job if I do. Sit down and I will serve you.
This link above will give you the weather report for the Tennessee Valley , and you can also get your own local weather by typing in your zip code. This reports changes as the day goes on so the report you get is always current. I always look at our weather first thing in the morning this season of the year it is important to us. Dad.
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I have four web pages that I am very proud of. These are besides my that I write six day's each week. Take a look at them some time, you will find a few things that would be interesting, here they are below. .
.Dad's Fried Green Tomatoes Web Page
..Dad's Songbird and Rose Garden Web Page .
.Dad's Memoirs .
.Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page .
I have some good news to report to you this morning. MARY has started a new blog and here is the way to go there. I know that it is going to be good. Look it over today. I am proud of you Mary. DAD.
. .
Here is a nice link below about Birds that I should show you more often. Dad.

You will enoy listening to these birds sing, they sound so real.

I must now get over to Sara's Dog Training blog and visit a little while with them this morning, I do want to call your attention to the wonderful new pictures and video's that Sara is showing us. Sara I am so glad that you three are my friends DAD. .
Here below is a nice little poem, it would be good for our thought for this day.
They Do Not Know.

" They do not know the harm they do,
who say an unkind thing;
The hasty word, by them forgot,
in some heart leaves a sting."

They do not know the good they do;
Who speak a heartening phrase,
or lend a helping hand along,
Life's steep and rugged ways."

O careless ones, think what you do;
Take heed to what you say;
And, kindly ones, speak, laugh, and sing.
And cheer us on our way." .

Three verses taken from this poem by Emma A. Lent.
I am sure that you can tell that I have been having problems with old Dell this morning, but I think that is all go right now, DAD.
So while I am ahead I am going to stop for this day.
I will be back in the A.M.if all keeps working. I am sorry for the many things that I had to leave out today.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you had a good rest and hope your day is a great one.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

So glad to hear you are feeling good today. I'm sure today's sunny TN valley weather and the delicious cup of Starbucks will keep you feeling that way. It is a cold day here. I brought the laptop into the kitchen where it is bright, sunny and warm. A great place to sit and have a cup of coffee with friends like you. I went to your new link Learn Bird Songs. I clicked on Cityscapes and then on the American Robin whose song is described as Cheery, Cheerful, Cheerio. It sounded like spring with the red breasted robins right outside my kitchen window. I think you need to add that one to your sidebar.

Have a great day. ...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad:

I enjoyed Ms. Mary's turtle poem very much! and I sure hope her tests come out very good so she does not have to have more meds.

SMILING and enjoying my coffee, thanks! There are a lot of birds singing around here, especially at night in the summertime, when the mockingbirds serenade us. When the bird feeders are full, we get a lot of chatter, too.

Wow, you are fast approaching 11,000 visitors, I see! ;)

Sorry you are having trouble with old Dell. Hope it straightens up and flies right very soon ')