Monday, January 25, 2010


" Time is so precious-do not waste it.
When I looked at my mail this morning this is the first one that I saw and it was an encouragement for me to slow down and keep on going . B,, is a good friend who lives in Hawaii-and I appreciate her advice and the advice of so many of you. Here below is the Comment.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "SATURDAY'S ENTRY # TWO THOUSAND & FIFTY TH...":
Dear DAD,It is Sunday but I opened your blog. I smiled from ear to ear to learn that you are filled with happy thoughts and ready to send kindness and smiles to us on Monday morning.Aloha, Sara's aunt
So its plain to see my plans, I am going to slow down a little, not get excited and worry so much about things that I cannot change, One of our hymns that we sing often says." O for the peace of a perfect Trust my loving God in in Thee." And that is what I am going to strive to do. So you can plainly see that as long as Dad and this keyboard last you are going to get my blog, but it may be a little shorter, but you know about the side panel. Thanks for the Kindness and Love that you have shown me. DAD ..
This above is the weather forecast for East Tennessee. You can also get your own local weather by typing in your zip code. This reports changes as the day goes on so the report you get is always current. At 3 A.M. the temperature is 52 degrees. And we expect a high of only 45 today. I always look at our weather first thing in the morning this season of the year it is important to us , It is looking like that we are going to have rainy weather for a while. It looks like a little rain every day next week and maybe snow at the last of the week Some nice spring like weather will help us to think a little more about tomatoes.

We had some heavy rain yesterday, and it rained most of the day and at 7;30 p.m we had a total rainfall of 2:39 inches..
New Flowers You'll Love This will make you think spring. To view this email in a browser Click Here DAD.
I must go see Misty, Oreo and Sara and let them know about the shorter blogs. I am sure that they will understand, I will be slipping in here at Sara's Dog Training blog every chance that I have, And I hope that you will do this same. DAD
This is all for this Monday morning, and it looks like the rain has stopped. I am happy to tell you that I feeling good this morning. Don't you forget to stop in for your coffee
I hope to see you in the morning with a short blog. Smile & be Kind & Gentle.
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Becky said...

Good morning, Dad. I have been thinking about you a lot and glad to hear that you are going to relax a bit more and not feel like you have to write every day if you don't want to. In fact, I have read several blogs over the years and I don't think any of them post every day except you, so maybe you are just pushing yourself too much. Some days we all just feel like being quiet, and I think that's fine. Hope you had a peaceful Sunday.

Sara said...

I'm glad to see that you are taking it easy this morning.

Your rain is coming our way today. It is so warm here this morning, it felt strange when I let the dogs out this morning. I thought I had slept straight through 'til April!

Enjoy your day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I took the whole weekend just to relax a bit. Sometimes we need that extra rest. In the winter it is really important to do so it seems. I'm about to go and get that second cup of coffee here as I'm at work and the coffee just finished making. Take care and have a great Monday.

Karen A. Cooke said...

Hi Uncle Ray,
Glad to see that you are still smiling this Monday morning! I am enjoying a good cup of Starbucks coffee this morning. Some of my friends surprised me with a Starbucks gift card for Chrismtas and I am enjoying using it. I had a delicious cup of a new coffee this morning at Starbucks called Casi Cielo. It is from Guatemala and is delicious! Have a great Monday. Love, Karen

Joan said...

A very happy Monday morning DAD...

I am smiling brightly this morning knowing you are doing well and ready to face the day with smiles and kindness for all of us. I too rested yesterday. Len went out to the beach but I was very content to sit out on the screen in porch, reading a book, listening to the birds, and just enjoying the peace and quiet of the day. Today I am ready for my coffee and will be making a trip to Starbucks and I'll be stopping back to see you from there. Have a wonderful Monday. ...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear DAD,
This is going to be a great day! I had coffee with you, a plate of fried green tomatoes with my sister in Florida, and a peek at Oreo cuddling with Misty on the bed. All this brings on one big, big smile. Aloha, Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Glad to hear you are feeling better and I'm thinking about a second cup of coffee -- may I help myself? Sure good that you feel it's okay to shorten the blog posts and not have to post every day if you aren't inclined. Your friends, relatives, and new readers are sure to understand! Love you and Ms. Mary and hope you have a good afternoon/evening...Jamaka and fams