Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"Time is so precious-do not waste it.".

." The Love of God within my heart, will teach me how to do my part."

. Northern Lights Over Teepees .

A good friend of mine Eric who lives in Australia sent me some pictures that I wanted to share with you. The pictures show the northern lights in Yellow Knife, Canada,

These pictures are spectacular and the teepees look very pretty in the dark. But maybe not cozy… check out that outdoor thermometer.

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nl9 l12

God's handiwork...Beautiful sight!
Pass along for others to see! .

This above is the weather forecast for East Tennessee. You can also get your own local weather by typing in your zip code. This reports changes as the day goes on so the report you get is always current. At 3 A.M. the temperature is 51 degrees. And we do have hopes of warmer later today, We are supposed to have a high of above 55 today. I always look at our weather first thing in the morning this season of the year it is important to us , It is looking like that we are going to have some better weather for a while. Some nice spring like weather will help us all. DAD .

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We had a little scare yesterday morning, we thought that we had lost the EAGLES, but no they are still here.


I hope that you are still enjoying the eagles, Above is the link that will take you up to their nest.

For the last few morning I have forgot to get that coffee started when I first get up. I am not going to do that today, it's already perkimg and I promise you that if I drink the most of it that I will make another pot. So stop in and see me any time that is best for you. You are always welcome at Dad's house.

Sara's Dog Training blog. Does that link look familiar to you. Well it should. If you read my blog you will see it here every morning. And what I am doing is getting myself in a good mood for the day. That will do the trick, don't take my word for it, try it out yourself. DAD

Record Relics ...Something interesting, DAD.

Ecobirder ... This is good. Dad

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I know that it is time for me to go, I feel like that you have read enough of this. But I do wan't to come back tomorrow. Don't forget "Be kind & Gentle" to everyone that you are with today, and a little smiling & laughing might help someone. Our day would be well spent if it was lived for others, rather than our self. Dad.

We are very sad today, we have a friend in the hospital that we have known and Loved for many years. Vivian has been a true friend to us. Mary, I and many others are thinking of her this morning. Dad.


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Becky said...

You sure are up early, Dad! Just taking a break and thought I'd stop by and make the coffee before you got up... but you're already up! Mmmmmm, hot coffee... SMILE. I'll check back in again after work.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Dad, Thanks for the coffee.
Everyone in my family LOVES Joan's Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes. Yummy.
The photos from Yellow Knife, Canada are awesome. I want to be there under the Northern Lights and praise the beauty. Have a grand day. Aloha, Sara's aunt

Becky said...

Yes, those photos really are amazing-- thanks for sharing, Dad.

Anonymous said...

Ray,sorry to hear about Vivian. Please, if anything changes let me know. You do still have my phone# don't you. If anyone gets to talk to her, tell them to say hello for me. She has always been an inspiration to all of us just as you & Mary are. I do love & think of each & every one of you every day. Let Lance know that my thoughts & prayers are with him through this ordeal.Enjoy the meeting tonight & tell everyone I said hello. Thanks to all of you for thoughts & prayers for the people in Hati, even in all the world. Again, please keep me updated on the friends down there.

Joan said...

Good Afternoon DAD...

It is a beautiful day here and shortly we will drive to the beach to read and admire another of God's handiwork. You have some amazing photographer friends and I so enjoy the sights that they capture and share with all of us. I've never seen anything as specatular as Eric's photos of Northern Lights over Teepees.

On Friday, I will pick up some Florida Grown Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers' Market for sauteeing. Yesterday we went to a Citrus Grove for some freshly picked oranges. The little shop there had a large variety of stuffed birds that sang their own song when you tapped the bottom. They are put out by the Audubon Society. I had to handle several and listen to their songs and of course I thought of you and your link to Listen to Bird Songs.

I do hope Vivian will be feeling better and able to return home soon. And, we all hope your visit to the doctor yesterday went well and you are doing just fine! We need our coffee and our smiles everyday.

Off to the beach now. ..Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Hope you are comfortable and warm close to the coffee pot, out of the rain! The cherry tomato recipe sounds delicious. I checked in on the eagles and I think they're in there, but they must be resting right now. Those are some beautiful pictures from Yellowknife -- pretty cold up there!

Love to you both, and hope you feel better soon, Ms. Mary...Jamaka and fams

Sara said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Vivian. I hope she is able to come home from the hospital soon.

What wonderful photos of the northern lights. I saw northern lights once when I was in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia. They were amazing, but I didn't have my camera with me! I had no idea what they were at the time.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Dad, it was a real challenge getting thru your entry this morning with all the things to click on! I was amazed at the dogs and eagles and the plant tablets had me thinking spring. Linda