Wednesday, January 27, 2010


" Time is so precious-do not waste it.
"Kindness is like snow - it beautifies everything it covers."
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The link above will give you our local weather report.
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I hope tha you all my friends around this wide world are feeling good this Wednesday morning. I am feelin the best that I have in months. I feel so relaxed and here at 3 a.m. in the morning I don't feel that I have a worry in the world. ( Maybe that is not a good thought to have.)
We are going to be very busy today, you may remember me telling you about our friend Vivian being very sick. Well we will be at her funeral at 2 p.m. today. We are going to miss here so very much, but we do rejoice that she finished a long life faithful to the end of the journey. ( Joy and sorrow interwoven, Love in all I see.) When We received news of her death these words that Jesus spoke about a woman came to me. (Let her alone she has done what she could.)
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You have seen this before Sara's Dog Training blog. If you read my blog you will see this here every morning. And what I am doing is getting myself a big smile for the day. That will do the trick, don't take my word for it, try it out yourself. Be sure that you look at the picture above, of Misty . Then tell me what you think.

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I hope that you are still enjoying the eagles, Above is the link that will take you up to their nest. ( There may be a little problem getting there today. Dad ).
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Today is 1/27/10.
DAD'S FRIED GREEN TOMATOES Shared with everyone in the world On this site you will find the recipe for Dad's Fried Green Tomatoes, as well as other delicious tomato recipes..
DAD'S MEMOIRS AND THOUGHTS Shared with everyone in the world.

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DAD'S TOMATO GARDEN Shared with everyone in the world..

Tomato Problem Solver Site Shared with everyone in the world.
. Are you ready for the tomato season in your part of this world. I am sure that many of my friends are already having a good tomato sandwich. And it won't be long until it will be our turn.
In order to keep this short I am going to introduce to my friend Mr Side Pannel. He will treat you nice and show you what I did not today, and I may slip in a little something more later today. Maybe after Vivians funeral.
The three main thingsthat we are going to do today is be Kind, Gentle and have a big Smile, then when night comes today you will be able to sleep good , with maybe not too many regrets.
I hope to be back, don't lock the door on me please. DAD.
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Becky said...

I'm getting ready to plant some tomatoes! Dad, what kind do you recommend for good sweet taste?

I keep missing the eagles... I forget to check during the day, and when I'm online at night it's too dark. I'm anxious to see them!

So sorry about the loss of your friend. I'll be thinking about you today. Hope it is a nice service with good friends.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

So sorry there is a funeral to attend today. Wish spring was here Dad, we are still in the tight grip of winter.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My door is always open for you and Yes! I am ready for tomato season. Bring it on for sure!
Sorry to hear of your loss. A good friend is a treasure and I know she'll be missed but as you said she was faithful and now her reward is in heaven. So glad you are feeling much better. Take care !

'On Ya'-ma

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Hugs to you and Mary. Sorry to hear of your friend Vivian's death. I know you will miss her friendship and kindess. At the service you will be surrounded by other mutual friends sharing wonderful stories from Vivian's life. In your sorrow may those memories bring smiles to your face and to your heart.

It is so good to know that you are feeling very good this morning. Maybe there are signs of spring coming that are giving you renewed energy. Yesterday was a gorgeous day here and on one of my 3 walks I finally noticed some small yellow buttercup like flowers peeking out of the definitely put a smile on my face.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Today I will have to ride a bicycle to return it to my friend's house, about 3 miles away. Before she went to South America she delivered it to me thinking I might enjoy it while she was gone. At least most of the ride will be on a bicycle trail and then a short ride into her neighborhood; hopefully without any falls.

First, another cup of Sumatra please!

....Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,was saddenedto hear of Vivians passing. Please,give my condonances to Lance & rest of the family. She was a good lady & will be missed greatly,as you have said. It's good to hear you're feeling better as I would hope the same for Mary. How is she doing & has she been to Vanderbilt yet? If she has, hope she got good news. Will let you go on about your bussiness, for I know you have a busy day ahead. Thinking of you & all the friends every day. Do miss each & every one. Give them my love & regards when you see then today. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you there. Jay

Hollie said...

Good Morning Dad,
I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend. My thoughts & prayers are with you all today. Give Mary a hug for me!

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

My deepest condolences to you both on the loss of your friend Vivian. I know it is hard missing our loved ones who've gone on ahead; but you both know she is in a much better place now, at peace and in the best of Care.

Some beautiful pictures today, Dad, and very good Thoughts For The Day.

Safe journeys, and may you be comforted in your faith and your confidence. Love from Jamaka and fams

Anonymous said...

Dear DAD,
Vivian now lives with Joy. I know that she is a precious memory, for you spoke lovingly of her friendship. I hope you had a fine day celebrating Vivian's life. There may be tears with the smiles, but so it is when we miss a loved one.
Everyone is getting excited about Tomato Planting. I may have to plant some in a pot on my lanai. (apt. balcony)
DAD, my husband and I are leaving for NYC in a few hours. We are excited to welcome our new grandson and play with our four year old granddaughter. It is good that we have warm hearts. NYC is cold!!! Aloha, Sara's aunt