Saturday, January 23, 2010


" Time is so precious-do not waste it."

" The sun never sets over Dad's Tomato Gardens."

Good Morning on this Sunday morning 1/24/10. I feel so different this morning. All the rest that I had yesterday was so good for me. If I sounded ill yesterday please forgive me. I hope to see you in the morning with a smile. DAD


Well here is Oreo in the snow. I was able to get this much done this morning and I am glad that I did. Here below is what I had in yesterdays blog. I will leave it because it explains thing so well. DAD.

My plans were to have Oreo's picture on this today ( Friday ) also but I did not make it, I hope Oreo will not be angry with me. He knows that I love him, and OREO i will try to have you on here tomorrow.
And here is what Sara has to say about Oreo. My 3 year old boy who is full of energy. He lives to play, and I really think he would rather play with his ball than eat.

. .
This above is the weather forecast for East Tennessee. You can also get your own local weather by typing in your zip code. This reports changes as the day goes on so the report you get is always current. At 3 A.M. the temperature is 47 degrees. And we expect a high of 57 today. I always look at our weather first thing in the morning this season of the year it is important to us , It is looking like that we are going to have rainy weather for a while. It looks like a little rain every day next week and maybe snow at the last of the week Some nice spring like weather will help us to think a little more about tomatoes.

New Flowers You'll Love This will make you think spring. To view this email in a browser Click Here DAD.

Are you ready for the tomato season in your part of this world. I am sure that many of my friends are already having a good tomato sandwich. And it won't be long until it will be our turn. It would be good to be ready for it. Look at this below with me. Dad. .
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I have readers in all parts of the world, I think the list is for 73 countries and 1571 cities. I have often wondered about the time zones in these different places, some times I wan't to talk or send an email and it's nice to know their time. Well yesterday I found just what I need, you might enjoy looking at is. Click below. DAD

.I just now found out something useful about the time link above, click on the name of the city that youare interested in and it will show you a lot of interesting things about that city.

Sara I may not be able to go see Oreo & Misty this morning, I am just not feeling the best, just feel all discouraged and as they say all washed out.

I was wondering if you have ever done this for anyone>>> Could you email me a smile today.? I would appreciate it!

I know that there will be lots more going on today with Misty and Oreo,so you can get to Sara's blog by just a little click here. Sara's Dog Training . DAD.

.Glen in Australia
Great Smoky Mountains Web Cam
It Ain't Easy Bein' Green


We also should look at Tennessee Granddaddy today and every day. Do you like a good joke, well he always has one. You know that he is the only son that I have, and Mary is my only daughter. I Love them both very much and I don't think that I could make it without them both trying to cheer me on each day. Dad.

A little note to all children, please do love your Dad & Mom with all your heart, and treat them kindly, they will not be with you forever. I wish that I could say Good Morning to mine this morning, but that time is gone for me.

Today is Saturday and it did not come any to soon for me. I have had enough...Tomorrow is the day that I have been wanting to see. I want to forget every thing about writing blogs, and have my mind on something that is worthwhile. All these natural things, and we ourselves will soon be gone from this fadeing scene. Why invest in something that will someday be burned up.

.I hope that all of my friends in this wide world will have a quiet helpful day. You know what we say every day be Kind and Gentle to every soul that you meet today. Someone might be needing help, and you might be the one to help them. DAD

If all is well I will see you Monday morning


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Becky said...

Good morning, Dad. I'm sorry to read you're feeling so down this morning. I understand what you mean about not wanting to write some days... you shouldn't feel like you have to write every day like a job. You should just do it it you feel like it. I want you to know, though, that the love that you've shown here, and the feelings your readers have about you, are deep and lasting. Knowing you through your blog is such a blessing to me and to many others, I know.

Love, Becky

Becky said...

Dad, how do you make a tomato sandwich? Is it just tomato and bread?

madcobug said...

Hi Dad, sorry that you are nor feeling up to par. I agree with Becky. You shouldn't
feel like it is a chore to blog. Do what I do, just blog when you feel up to it. I used to try to make an entry every day but I have backed off to maybe one a week or less. Love that picture of Oreo. He is such an intelligent dog.
Well I think the Eagle cam is on the blink this morning as I haven't been able to pull it up this morning. I will keep trying off and on today though. I worry about them if I can't see them every day. Hugs to you and Mary with a big smile, Helen

Joan said...

Good Afternoon DAD...

I write with tears in my eyes thinking of you not feeling well physically and emotionally. Visiting you through your blog has been a daily blessing but I agree with Helen that perhaps you are working too hard making an entry everyday. Just blog when you are up to it. Mary knew to stop when it became too much for her. You have already taught so many of us how to SMILE often, to be KIND and GENTLE to others, to view the natural beauty around us. A reminder every so often would be good so we do still need you to write a blog when you are feeling up to it. Hugs to you and Mary. ...Sara's Mom

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I was glad to see that you added that you are feeling a little better this afternoon. It's not like you at all to want to forget about blogging. I'm sending you a ***BIG SMILE*** today and hoping you continue feeling better. I know Sundays are your special day when you don't blog, so I'll wish you a great weekend.
'On Ya' -ma

Anonymous said...

Dear DAD,
My sister and others sent you beautiful hugs this morning. I am pleased that you are feeling better this afternoon. Perhaps the beauty of the birds and the junipers, as well as many smiles from friends has been a healing balm. You have many beautiful thoughts to share. We love your blog. We love you. We understand when you need a break. Take it. Tomorrow will be a day of tranquellity. Big Aloha and Blessings for you and Mary. Sara's aunt

Hollie said...

I'm sending you a great big hug & a smile. I know I'm ready for tomato growing time. There's nothing I would rather have than a good ole tomato sandwich. I hope you and Mary are doing well.

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Hope you are both relaxing and getting some good rest. Sorry I'm here so late but I've been on the phone with friends most of the day. Yes, Dad, sometimes a break is good. It's hard to have to write something and post all the things you post every single day (but one) of the week! We're all going to understand if you want to take a break from time to time -- but we'll miss you and await your return! Love from Jamaka and fams

Joann said...

Hi Dad, sorry that you aren't feeling well today... i'm going to find my nicest smile and e-mail it to you, k!?? Hope you received lots of them today!!


Anonymous said...

Dear DAD,
It is Sunday but I opened your blog. I smiled from ear to ear to learn that you are filled with happy thoughts and ready to send kindness and smiles to us on Monday morning.Aloha, Sara's aunt