Saturday, March 24, 2012



“Time is so precious- do not waste it” Dad.

Copyright © by Ray F. White . January 2012

I have a new coffee maker this morning, but rest assured that it is the same coffee, so sit. sip, mediate and relax and of course Smile and I hope that we can have a nice little visit this morning, because I will not see you again until early Monday morning, I do not write a blog on Sunday anymore. We try to save that day for something more precious tha n blogs, something that will not pass away.

Our weather is still very nice except for a few to many showers for me, but I have that God knows more about this world needs than I do want to enjoy it, there is a verse in the bible that says “ This is the day which the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it “

So am going to be glad  with what we have here at Dads Tomato Garden a 61 degrees to start and then near 90. what wonderful tomato growing weather, and I am ready to get mine started soon. I am getting  hungry for one of those tomato sandwich, with a little mayonnaise on it, I will tell you that there is nothing else in this that will make you Smile like that. Dad.

This right below is a must read.  DAD


    This is by Thomas Edison.


    “Dad-The Tomato Man. “

    Copyright © by Ray F. White . January 2012


    Keep your easy chair and let the three Out Door Cams show you around Dads Tomato garden and Wildlife Habitat.

    AOL I want to thank you for “ Live Writer'” Its hard for me to write a blog without it, please keep in working every day for my sake, DAD.

    This is all for now, I usually return a few times during the day, to keep things current. Dad.

    “Live tor Others every day”

    Be good until I talk to you again, which will be early Monday morning.

    Remember the Side Panel.

    BYE      BYE      DAD.




    joan said...

    Good Morning...

    Sara and I are sitting having a cup of non-starbucks coffee at the Troy Flower Show. The spring flowers make us want to go home and plant but we know frost is on its way again.

    Enjoy your 90 degree day. ....Sara's mom

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Dad,
    Live Writer is a product of Microsoft. It is a free product that can help people write and post to their blogs.
    -A Friend