Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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Good Morning.

“ Time is so short-do not waste it "

“ Begin the day with God, kneel down to Him in prayer “

Would you like to share a cup of this coffee before we get involved in other things, well sit enjoy, and Smile. Dad

Coffee cup animation

We are getting a good start on another nice day weather wise, a reading of 60 degrees an a predicted high of above 80, now that is my kind of weather, every thing is so beautiful here in East Tennessee every way that you look nothing but beautiful flowers and trees reminds us of new life springing up, nature is a wonderful thing, enjoy it. Dad.

An old hymn has been in my thoughts this morning, “ Does Jesus care” The course answers the question.

“ O yes he cares, I know he cares, His heart is touched with my grief

When the days are weary and the long night dreary, I know my Saviour cares.”

What a comforting thought.

My mood is both happy and sad this morning, happy because I picked my new shoes this morning that my doctor had made for me, real shoes and they do feel and look good, the first good shoes that I have on in several months, I may get proud, some of you say something to bring me down a notch or so.Dad.

Now the sad thing that has happened, a very good friend has passed away, we are going to her funeral at 5 p.m. today. She has been a very faithful woman through the years, never missing a meeting if it were possible to be there, some of her children always with her. All of us would like to finish like Ruby.

‘’ Dad-The Tomato Man “ We keep in close touch with our editor on this.
Copyright © by Ray F. White . January 2012

I am letting this blog get to long again this morning, and I have promised to not do that anymore.

While I am away our Side Panel will take care of you, it knows more than I do anyway.

If I am spared I want to slip in again on Thursday morning.

We are sending or love and best wishes to a troubled and mixed up world.

“ Live for others every day “
Bye Bye   DAD


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry to hear of your friends passing. A day of happiness and sorrow for you indeed. Take care and although you've lost a friend, smile, because you were blessed to have had her in your life. Hugs to you today.

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

Echoing the thoughts of I'm mostly known as 'MA' who expressed it eloquently, and knowing that the veil that separates us here from those who have passed on to a better place is really very thin.

Hoping your shoes serve you well and are comfortable and good-looking. A new pair of shoes can truly make us feel better. Enjoy them!

Your garden must be quite lovely now. Ours is looking better after the rain we got a couple of days ago, but our gardener hasn't been here for 3 weeks and I hope he will be well enough to return soon, before neighbors complain -- fortunately, most of them have him as their gardener, too, so they can't say anything :)

Sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and family, and wishing you all a good afternoon/evening, with comfort <3

Goan said...

Good Afternoon DAD..

I am so so sorry to hear of Ruby's death. You wrote a beautiful blog today as a tribute to her. Tonight you will be surrounded by friends of you and of her. Lots of life stories will be told and hugs and smiles from those who knew her. Sorry for your loss, my arms are around you in a comforting hug.

...Sara's Mom

Sara said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.

How wonderful that you have your new shoes!

It has been a busy week here. The weather has been perfect, and I have a hard time getting anything but playtime with the dogs done. Seems as though we should get out and enjoy it while we can.