Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dads Saturdays Entry Three Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Nine



Copyright © by Ray F. White . January 2012

I hope to find all my friends in a Happy mood this Saturday morning. For me this day reminds me that I can rest and relax over the weekend. I do not write a blog on Sunday. That is a day to get renewed in mind and spirit for the week ahead, you know all about the world, flesh and the devil.

It looks like that another good day is coming up, the weather has been so enjoyable for the last few days.

Here at Dads Tomato Garden at 1:26 a.m. eastern time we have 63 degree and a high of ninety expected.

My tomato plants arrived yesterday and if at all possible they will be looking at you Monday when you click on Cam. 2.

Dad's Outdoor Web Cam-1

Dad's Outdoor Web Cam-2

Dad's Outdoor Web Cam-3

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    All right now !!!! lets get that frown off our face and give everyone that we are with today one of those big smiles that if going around the world every day. Dad.

    Dad- The Tomato Man.

    Copyright © by Ray F. White . January 2012

     It is time for me to go away, I am tired and I do need another cup of coffee, and Prince is calling for me.

  • If God has mercy on me and give me a little more time I will be doing what I like to do, that is to scribble this blog on Monday and six days each week. I feel good, I wonder could I possible be as old as they say, but I was born on Sept 2 1913.

  • Please go to the dependable Side Panel for help until I call on you again

  • The best of good wishes to all this mixed up and troubled world,

  • Bye      Bye      Dad

    Copyright © by Ray F. White . January 2012


    betty said...

    Good Morning, DAD,
    You will be one busy guy this weekend. How many tomato plants will you be putting in the soil?
    This is an exciting time. But then, each step is exciting. Enjoy getting your fingers covered in soil. You will smell earthy.
    I see a smile for each plant. They will make you proud. Enjoy your work. Aloha from HI....Sara's aunt

    Joan said...

    Good Afternoon DAD.:..

    What a busy day it has been! Nurse's duties start early and go on all day. Plus by friend became a grandmother to a very little tyke.. John Paul Anthony was born last night, 3 months early and weighing only 1 pound 7 ounces. So far he is doing okay. I have been making food to bring to them and Len had lots of friends deliver food to us. The circle of smiles was very big today.

    I was so happy to read your plants have arrived...nice for them to have had a warm trip rather than frost. With a little water and your well nourished soil, they will grow bigger each day. And then, tomato sandwiches.

    I'll be checking the progress on CAM #2.

    Hope it was a pleasant day for you, Mary and Prince.
    ...Sara's Mom

    Becky said...

    Dad, you are an inspiration to me.

    Love, Becky