Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sunday Morning 3/20/11. The eagle cam. should be good today. I will see you monday morning. DAD
" Time is passing swiftly by "

Good Morning.
Do you realize that Saturday has arrived again, a rest day will arrive for me tomorrow, as you know that I do not write a journal on Sunday, but I will see you on Monday morning.

The weather is still the most important thing to us tomato growers at the moment. Friday afternoon the temperature here at Dad's Garden was 79 degrees, now that is good tomato, rose and smile weather, and we are all happy. here below is our report for today.


Chance of a morning shower. Partly cloudy. High 22C. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.
Chance of a morning shower. Partly cloudy skies. High 72F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph
I usually let Sara and Oreo sleep late on saturday morning and I am going to do that this morning. here is the link that will take you to their house Sara's Dog Training blog. but please don't go there right now, wait until a little later in the day. Let the rest they need it. They both lead a busy life. DAD

WHAT'S NEW AT MY HOUSE.... I enjoy reading this, down to earth and so much good advice. Old Dad.
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I am going to stop for now, since this is Saturdays entry I usually keep this open all day, coming and going, keeping up to date. I am feeling good this morning, no complaints at all, things went well with Mary and I yesterday, and we have hope for today. We are sending Love and best wishes to all of you in this troubled, mixed up world. We are hoping for the best in the future. Until I pop in again--
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Sara said...

Jeff was driving to work yesterday and saw a dead deer on the side of the road. Right next to where I usually see my deer family. I'm really hoping to see all 3 on my walk this morning.

Better head out now, before they sneak back into the woods.

Have a good weekend.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a good Saturday morning! It was 65 here yesterday and that is the warmest it has been here yet. Today will be a little cooler but still it's not going to be freezing. I hope your Saturday is a great one!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

What wonderful weather you are having, I'd be working outdoors if we had those temperatures and sunny skies. Ours is good for here and today should be a good travelling day for our 5 hour trip to see the grandsons.

I plan to be out on their deck tonight to view the "supermoon". Tonight the Full Moon will be the closest to earth since 1993. As it rises in the east at sunset, it will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. Let's hope for clear skies for the best views.

Have another grand outdoor day. I know the birds are enjoying it. Bet you even have some stopping for a splash in the fountain. They love the habitat you designed especially for them. And we love you for sharing their joy over your cams. ...Sara's Mom