Tuesday, March 22, 2011


" Life at best is very brief, like the falling of a leaf "

Good Morning.
How are you feeling on this nice warm Tuesday morning with a starting temperature of 59 degrees, weather that Dad likes, It has been good for several days now and the future looks good.


Dad is smiling and I think that you know why.
Eagle Web Cam


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This is a good time to stop in at Sara's house and see one of my best friends Oreo, he makes me smile every day and some days I need it, here is where he lives with Sara, Sara's Dog Training blog, and Sara is so nice to me always telling me something about Oreo, Thanks Sara, DAD

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s here. Dad
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I promised you a short journal for today, but if I don't stop it is going
to be another long one.
I will be in sight most of the day as I am going to be working in the tomato garden on this beautiful day, See me on Cam.# 1 or 2
Don't ever forget this " Begin the day with God"

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Sara said...

It snowed again yesterday. But this morning when I looked outside, it had all melted! Good way to start my day :)

Oreo was happy to play ball in the snow yesteday. He has been sleeping well the past few days, after all the xtra outside time.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

We don't have your warm temperatures but the day will be warm enough for a lighter weight jacket. I can tell you are happier each day closer to planting season. Mary probably sees lots of smiles on your face and Prince is noticing a quicker step. DAD and Tomatoes...a very good match.

On Saturday evening the grandsons and I went out on their porch and got a good look at the very big, very bright Super Moon. This morning I wondered if Steve had taken any photos and I was treated to the most wonderful photo of that bright moon along side the lighthouse. Be sure to check it out on his March 21 blog at Shooting My Universe. AMAZING SHOT!

Enjoy another outdoor day. Sunshine and warm weather makes us all feel younger and happier.

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary and sweet Prince Charming:

Glad the weather is made to order, Dad ;) and hope it isn't long before you're putting in your new plants. I just checked in on the eagles and sure enough, the parent is sitting on the kid again. ;) Your friend Steve has some beautiful sand dollars posted -- that takes me back to when my folks and I used to go to the beach out here and once in awhile I'd find one. They are so beautiful!

We're getting one sunny day between rains, which I love and which we need. Love to you all, and purrs to the Prince! from Jamaka and fams <3