Wednesday, March 30, 2011


" Always begin the day with God "


Good Morning.

Well how are you feeling on this Wednesday morning ? It looks like another nice day, We have a temperature of 54 degrees to begin the day, so that looks good to me, Dad

We are still doing a little experimenting on this new Journal format, and I think that we are doing a little better. Yesterday we worked some on pictures and it looks like that we are going to do better there.


I walked on the shore in the cool of the morn,
When the bloom lingered fresh on the day,
And the sweet loving touch of the kindness of God
Became one with each step of the way.

There, shells in their thousands crunched under each foot,
But I gathered and kept an odd one.
When the color was better and brighter to see
Than the most, which were bleached in the sun.

They had grown in the depths of the fast changing sea,
Where conditions for all were the same,
Yet some had such color and some had such worth
Were as jewels just awaiting a frame.

There are millions and millions beneath the dark wave,
And their tints are but drab at the most.
Some day they will whiten and break in the tide
To build up the sands of the coast.

The odd one is gathered with beauty so rare
It will add to the grace of the home,
Where mounted and polished as an ornament fine
Is not lost in the surge and the foam.

A shell is the soul in the hand of the Lord
It is sought for its beauty and grace.
Not just one of the thousands but one of its kind
And will find honor and place.

Not one stays here unseen. not one shall be lost
There is nothing escaping His eye.
We are sure in His love to be found and be kept,
If reflecting His glory we lie...

by Roy Price


These two pictures here are from our 2010 year, and we are hoping to do better this year

Tomatoes inBasket2005

It is coffee time for me and I already have a big pot of hot Sumatra x bold ready, now while we are enjoying it we

could go to see Oreo and Sara at

Sara's Dog Training

Top Heirloom Tomatoes...To view this email in a browser Click Here This is the tomato that I like and am using this season, it is from Burpee.

This is going to be all today. We're still trying to make improvements. Anything you don't find here look over to your right to Mr. Side panel.

Love to all my fiends

Bye Bye




Sara said...

Send that warm weather our way! We could use it. Everyone is getting cranky.

Except Oreo!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

How peaceful I feel after reading the lovely poem, The Sea Shore. It made me think longingly of my morning walks along the shores of Anna Maria Island. And I must go back and read it again.

You blog is looking new and crisp. And, the photo of those green tomatoes is making me ready to plant, especially now that my bags of potting soil have arrived for the self watering containers. Burpee knows best and they won't mail tomato plants to my address until the end of then you will be picking green tomatoes and enjoying "fried green tomatoes".

Enjoy a peaceful day as you prepare for tonight's bible study. ...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms.Mary, and sweet sunny Prince:

The whole family was just in the eagles' nest -- high winds over there and their feathers are all ruffling.

Your friend Steve's cow picture is nice -- those tags always bother me, but it looks like they each have names.

What a beautiful poem, Dad! Thank you so much for sharing it Wishing you all love and safe journeys this evening, and big PURRS to the Prince from Jamaka and fams <3