Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dads Saturdays Entry Six Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Eight

Good  Morning

“ Time is so precious-do not waste it”

As long as we are in this world the above will be true ,my 98 plus  years have passed so quickly, I am asking myself right n0w, how many have I wasted living for myself instead of living  for others. one of our hymns reads like this. Live for others every day . It’s the true the better way, it’s the way the Son of God when on earth the Master  trod Dad

While we are right close to a picture of my book Dad-The Tomato Man would it be to much to say that I am still selling them. my friends have really surprised me in the way you have ordered my book, I still have plenty of them and they can be in your mail box in two or three days. You may use Pay Pal if you wish, I think it is the best way to order, there are other ways of course such as a personal check.

If you live in some other country you can still order my book, we ship to most countries such as Australia, Germany and South America and many more. Let Old Dad hear from you. all you do is click on the picture of the book Dad-The Tomato Man. Your book will be on its way to your house. Dad

Thanks again to all of you who are already enjoying our book, tell others about it for Old Dad.

We do believe in drinking coffee on Saturday don’t we ? I already have my pot ready ready and I  enjoy that X bold,  Starbucks there is none better Coffee cup animation

Today is still looking like a very pleasant  day we have a 62 degrees starting the day and the high right here at Dads Tomato Garden, and we expect to do a little finishing work on our tomatoes , it will be in the early afternoon, watch us on Cam. # 2 if you want to see some lazy people at work. DAD


I need to say a few funny things to keep myself awake, do you realize that it is only 1:43 a m on this Saturday, all sensible people are in their pad fast asleep , but you know old Dad, he has to work, he likes to eat and it cost money to gobble that food down. Dad.


While there is time, Lord,
May I use it well,
'Tis gone in a moment,
One can never tell
Which day is our last one,
With so much to do,
All must be in order,
When summoned by You.
While there is time, Lord,
And life is my own,
Let me bring gladness
To someone alone.
Renew a small hope,
Rekindle a dream,
For shadows are never
As dark as they seem.
While there is time, Lord,
Let me not waste
The chances You give me,
I cannot replace.
Lend me Your wisdom,
That I may learn
To give of myself,
Nor ask a return.
Let me be gentle,
Keep my words kind,
In spite of the worries,
Crossing my mind.
And when at long last,
Life's sun starts to set,
Let me have never
A cause to regret.

Grace E. Easley

Sent to Dad by my friend Joan

This will be all for right now, I do not write a blog on Sunday, we have more important things to do on that day.

We will be around all day today waiting for you to send me something that I could use today that would send our famous smile all around this world.

Visit our Side Panel.

If all things go well I will see you early Monday morning

Live For Others.

BYE      BYE      DAD

Live For Others.


Sara said...

I hear the heat cranking on right now, and a check of my thermometer shows that it is going to be a chilly morning. Chewy is outside exploring right now (always new smells out there in the dawn), while Oreo is relaxing on his bed beside my computer.

Almost May, which means it is almost time for me to finally plant some tomatoes!

Have a good weekend.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Your tomato plants are looking bigger every time I check on them. So far your weather has been good to them. Sara better wait a bit to put hers in the ground, last night it was in the upper 20s here.

Good article in our newspaper today about keeping stress down. Reminded me of all the thing you talk about. "Count your blessings and keep track of them","Remember past successes","Take the focus off of yourself","Find humor in your misfortune". One thing they left out is "SMILE" often to yourself and to everyone you meet. A good cup of coffee helps as well if you sit back and relax and enjoy it quietly or with a friend.

I'll stop by the garden later and hope to see you riding about in your garden cart. Be sure to smile and wave because someone may be watching. ...Sara's Mom

Joan said...

P.S. Forgot to mention...Mae is back inside with her loving owners and some friendly guests. The only other time she went missing, she was gone for 3 days..that was really scary! ..Joan

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet, handsome Prince:

Sure do like that poem your friend sent to you, Dad. It's a keeper.

And sure am glad to hear that little Mae is back home safe with her family. Hope she does not wander again but stays close within the loving care of her family!

Posting this on Monday...sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3

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