Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dads Thursdays Entry Three Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty

Good M9rning

“Time is so precious-d0 not waste it”

Are y0u waking up with a lot of vim, vigor and vitality ?  You should be because this is the this is the day which the Lord has made and we are going to be glad  in it.

Coffee cup animation

I made this Starbucks x bold a little early this morning, I needed it real bad, I know that this will help me get started of in the right direction this Thursday morning, I hope that you have a pot ready at your house , lets drink it and smile.

We do need to smile all that we can, let the world know that we are happy and enjoying all the blessings that have come from God.

The weather was a surprise to me this morning when I saw that 70 degrees that we are beginning with this Thursday morning.

Now that would make any tomato grower smile, mine are doing fine, and you can begin to see them on camera 2.

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    I hope that you have better luck with these Cams than I did, It may be that the computer need a little break. DAD

    My job here is to sell Dads book, Dad-The Tomato Man, and I have not mentioned  is one time today, if I am not careful  I might loose my job.

    We are well pleased with your response to our offer.

    We have these books in stock right in our office and we mail them out the same day you place your order , most orders reaching you in two days. You may pay any way you like Pay Pal or if you prefer a personal check mailed to 6416 Shetland Dr Knoxville, Tn 37920. If you order the book today I will mail it before I receive your check,  DAD.

    I have enjoyed my visit with you and I would like to come back in the morning’

    “ Live For Others”

    BYE      BYE      DAD


    betty said...

    Good Morning, DAD,
    It is going to be a good day for your tomatoes. The sun will be encouraging them to grow. A light shower in the afternoon would do them good, too. I hope sales of your book keeps you visitng your friends at the PO. They might be curious enough to buy a copy as well. It is local history! You may need two naps today, since you are up and working super early.
    Enjoy the day. Prince will keep you company. Aloha to you, Mary, and Prince from HI.....Sara's aunt

    I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

    Sending a SMILE your way today! Hope you have a great Thursday!

    Joan said...

    Good Morning DAD..

    No problem seeing your CAM views this morning, other than at 8:45AM it was dark and raining on your garden. Here is it sunny and 37. Not sure which I prefer 70 and rainy or 37 and sunny...I guess I'm mostly likely to SMILE most at the sun. So I am sending a sunny smile your way.

    My husband is reading your book and now he will see what all the fuss is about. He already asked "DAD's 98". Yes, he is and an amazing gentleman and writer and gardener and philosopher as well.

    I hope the rain stops so you can get out amongst your plants. I'll check on them later today. For now, Prince says come rest with me or at least give me a treat.

    ...Sara's Mom

    Joan said...

    Good Afternoon DAD...

    Here it is 12:45 and now it is raining outside my window and bright outside your CAM. I can almost count the tomato plants.

    ...Sara's Mom

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

    Sounds like a good day to drink some coffee and spend some time with sweet Prince ;) but then, any day is a good day for that, isn't it, Dad?

    It's cool, cloudy, and drizzly here, so we are enjoying it very much. All the plants are happy, the grass is green, and hopefully the birds will forgive me for not being able to afford to feed them any more. We miss them, but what to do?

    Sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3

    betty said...

    HI DAD,
    A quick report on your CAMS. #1 I can not open. #2 and #3 are fine.
    Your plants are thriving. Aloha from hi.....Sara's aunt

    Sara said...

    Just placed my order for your book! Looking forward to getting it.

    Hope you, Mary & Prince had a good day.