Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dads Saturdays Entry Three Thousand Seven Hundred Thirteen.

Good Morning.

I am glad to see that it says Saturday morning up above. As you already      know that I like Saturdays, they remind me  that this there is rest ahead for me. I don’t’ usually write a blog on Sunday, I do get a day of just relaxing and enjoying our Sunday morning meeting. Our meeting help me to restore thing that I have lost during the week, this old world, self and devil all try to hinder me.

Coffee cup animation

A good cup of coffee seems in order right now, mine is ready and I am sipping as I play with this keyboard and Prince watches over my shoulder proof reading.

I nope that you can get a cup of your own and sit here beside me, we will have some things to think about  our blessing, how many they are and we need to give God up above THANKS fr0m our hearts. DAD.sun

Our weather will make you smile, it dose me because I am an old nearing 99 years old Tomato grower here in the Tennessee Valley, trying to make ends meet, something seems to be moving the ends 0n me.

It is not the  52 that we are looking at, it is the fact that no rain is falling, and we do need some dry soil to work in. Smile Dad.

“ Begin the day with God”

“ Time is so precious- do not waste it, it will never come again “

Copyright © by Ray F. White . January 2012

Use the Outdoor Cameras to view our tomatoes, it will be a few days before you will see very much, When you do look use Cam. # 2.


Joan said...

Good Morning DAD..

What a gorgeous day it is going to be. I may even have to do some flower garden clean up and put a couple of chairs out on the patio today for break time. My other option is to wash windows... digging in the dirt sounds like more fun. Mentioning your age and your garden always gets me motivated.

Did Sara's blog get you thinking about your personality and what type of dog you are? When your sitting on the back porch today, looking out over your yard, picture yourself as a "?" and let us know your "dog personality".

May your day be filled with sunshine and warmth. ...Sara's Mom

betty said...

Congratulations, DAD. We are happy and excited that your book has been published and ready for all your fans to read and enjoy.
We love you big. Enjoy your day. Smiles are coming your way from around the globe. Aloha from Hi, Dad, Mary and Prince....Sara's aunt

Joan said...

Congratulations DAD...

In addition to Blogger, Tomato Grower, SMILE maker, Humorist, Humanitarian, Animal Lover, you are not officially an author. I will be placing my order for your book in the morning.

I am soooo proud to know you.

..Sara's Mom

Joan said...

That should have read "NOW officially an author"