Friday, December 19, 2008


Good Morning,

."Time is so precious-do not waste it."......


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What is going on here, an empty Coffee cup, well I'll will tell you what's going on. I have gone to turn that percolator on. It won't take but a jiffy, and then I will pour you a hot steaming cup. It's worth waiting for and it's the only thing that can bring that big smile. But I think that Tea does a pretty good job too.

We had a very busy day again yesterday but I think that we are going to make it alright, both Mary and Princess went to bed early last night and I soon heard a gentle pleasent snore comming from their room.

I am feeling good this morning and I am looking to be outside some today, check on that Cam and you might see me.


This is Dad's thought for today.

-The camel at the close of day, Kneels down upon the dusty plain, to have the burden lifted off, and rest again.


-My soul thou too shouldst to thy knees, When daylight draweth to a close, And let the Master lift thy load, And grant repose.-


The camel kneels at break of day, To have its guide replace the load, And rise up anew to take, The desert road.-


So should thou too kneel down at morning dawn, That God may give the daily care, Assured that he no load too great, Will make thee bear.-


I am not sure of the author of this, I was going through some things of LaVerne's yesterday and I found this that she had saved many years ago. She loved poems and did write some herself, To any of you who did not know about LaVerne she was my sweet wife. She passed away May 11, 1974. DAD-

Please do not forget the side panel, it will tell and show you a lot more interestings things than old Dad can. We have a lot more to go there, it wont be long untill they are there .

This is going to be all unless something else comes in, and if it is interesting I will get it on this blog. Thanks for all your good wishes and comments. Love you. SMILE.

See you in the real early a.m. with a smile and Tea or Coffee. . ( Real Coffee.)





Lynne said...

Good morning! It is chilly here in Southern, Maryland today. I'm looking forward to a good warm cup of coffee when I arrive to work. I only have one a day! But its always in the morning...the perfect time! Have a wonderful day! God Bless!

peggy said...

Good morning all, we are pretty much snowed in this morning in Michigan and it's still coming down. Thank you for the beautiful poem, I'm so glad your wife saved it to share with us, I'm sure she was a wonderful person.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dad!
I am glad to hear you three got some extra rest last night. I am likely a little late for that coffee, but I am a lot earlier than usual! I hope Jim is doing well, say hello and give him my regards.
Talk to you soon!
With love,
Vicki in Birmingham