Monday, December 22, 2008


Good Morning.

Yes it"s Monday morning. I think that I am doing alright, I will let you know after I get my eyes opened just a little more and I have a cup of that good coffee. I hope that you are in a good mood and able to smile.

I do feel rested after a pleasant night, and no bad dreams. So I guess that I am ready to go.

Jade is coming in this afternoon, some of you would remember her, she was the exchange student who spent last school year with Jim and Beverly. read here what Tennessee Granddaddy tells us about it. DAD

I am very proud of these four links below, Dad...

I would like to remind you that the four web pages above contain most of all the information that you would need to get you started in producing those Good Home Grown Tomatoes and SMILES.These pages are edited daily and any changes that need to be made to keep them current and up to date. After you view them if you have any questions about raising tomatoes email me at

We are working on several personal blog links that we will be placing in the right panel under the heading " BLOGS ." As you know I lost what I had with AOL and it is taking me a little while to get them together again . I hope that I have room for all who want to be there. Dad.

The list right above these personal blogs will be mostly links concerning my blog.

Mary and I had a very nice Sunday, she prepared the lunch that I was telling you about and it was delicious, a beef roast surrounded by fresh vegetables, baked in the oven.

Some of our regular ones were not with us in our Sunday morning meeting, they had the privilege of going to Nashville to a special meeting. We have not talked to any of them this morning, but we know without a doubt that they had a wonderful time, but we did miss them.

Here at 3 A.M. the temperature is 17, now that is cold, we all need to be careful and stay warm wherever we are. And get your flu shot, I got mine last week/ Dad...

I know that Monday morning is a busy morning for most of you, so I am going to make this a little short again. The main thing that I want to know is that your are happy and smiling, and to tell you that I am smiling.

If you need to see any thing regarding my blog just look at the panel to your right it knows a lot more than I do.


Becky said...

Good morning, Dad, and welcome to the beginning of Christmas week! Will you be having a white Christmas where you live?

Whatever the weather, I hope this will be a pleasant and peaceful week with family and friends.

Note to Mary: If you have a good recipe for pot roast I'd love to have it... my e-mail is Thanks!

Love to you both and to Princess, too.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Good morning Dad ~ it hardly seems possible this is Christmas week ~ how quickly these last few weeks have flown by ~ I hope you Mary and Princess have a wonderful week ~ Ally x

Carlene Noggle said...

Hi Dad,
That roast sounds sooooooo good!!! It has been colder here too Dad, but we are at 32 so far.
love ya,