Tuesday, December 23, 2008


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You can probably guess where I got these pictures. you know it has to be Kelly. Be sure and check out her Blog, The Chicken Chronicles. The link is the side panel. You can see what wonderful care Kelly gives to her beautiful chickens. These pictures were taken after or during a lot of rain. Kelly keeps putting out straw for them to walk on.
Kelly, I did not ask for your prmission to use this picture, but you are my friend & I was sure that it would be O.K. DAD.

Mary and I don't have much planned today. We may go to Lowe's and pick up some fence posts that I am going to use to secure my bird feeders.

We are working on several personal blog links that we are placing in the right panel under the heading " BLOGS ." As you know I lost what I had with AOL and it is taking me a little while to get them together again . I hope that I have room for all who want to be there. Dad.

The list right above these personal blogs will be mostly links concering my blog.

This tuesday morning find me feeling some better, I am in the process of getting our Tea and Coffee ready, Don't go away. I will do the pouring this morning.

It's still cold but a little warmer than monday, the tempeature a5 4:55 a.m. is 23, and I think that the rain has finnaly quit. I hope it has I want to see the sun again. I can't hardly think about tomatoes on these gloomy days.

Jade was supposed to have arrived in Kingsport last night but I haven't heard any thing yet, Jim will soon be telling us I am sure when we look at Tennessee Granddaddy
Here is a short thought for this tuesday, it's one that LaVerne my wife used to quote often.
" You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. "
I think that she got that from a little booklet called Bits & Pieces

Now I want to ask you. Is the side panel working alright for you ? Anything that I change I am doing it to make this blog more useful, more easy to read and understand. You know that the main reason for this blog to be here is my love for tomatoes.

Please tell me what you really think, I want to do what is best, and I can take correction from you with a smile.

Here is a link below that will take you to something that Dad has been thinking about.
I must stop and make anothr trip to the coffee pot, join me again before we part. I intend to make these blogs shorter but I am doing a bad job of it.
I will see you in the morning if my life is spared. Let's all try to be happy and contented today if we can, I know that many of us may be passing through hard times, but we hope that things will turn out right. DAD
Bye Dad DAD


Becky said...

BRRRRRRRR.... I hope you and Mary stay warm back there, Dad.

Will you be staying home for Christmas, or travelling?

Hollie said...

Brrrrr...it's so cold here too. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!

madcobug said...

It's cold here also. Merry Christmas to you and Mary and Jim and his family. Hope Jade made it in ok. Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

Good morning Dad ~ I wish you Mary and Princess a wonderful Christmas Holiday ~ and a Happy New Year ~ look forward to joing you for my Cuppa for a long time to come ~ Ally x

Kelly said...

Good afternoon to you Dad :) I am always pleased when you deem one of my pictures noteworthy, so you know you have free access all the time to any pictures I have. Its pretty cold around the southeast isnt it? I am hearing about a warm up for Christmas eve and Christmas day. Almost 70 degrees on Christmas! Thats a big change from the start of this week. I love the sidebar. Everything is right there and easy to access. I also like the google translator. I put one on my sidebar too, just in case someone might need it. I want to wish you and your wonderful family a Very Merry Christmas. I am going to be offline til Saturday, but you will be the first one I visit when I sign on, rest assured. :) Love, Kelly

Michelle said...

Good afternoon Dad....

Lots of snow up here in New England,(almost 2 feet in the last 2 storms). Santa will have no problems landing his sleigh now, haha.

Well, just want to pop on over and wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Christmas and New Year.

Thanks as always for the cofee and smile. : )


Joyce said...

Good afternoon Dad,
Hope the holidays are good to you and Mary and your entire family...coffee with you is a joy....and always will be even into 2009. Have a great day and evening...hugs and love,

Tennessee Granddaddy said...

What size socks do you wear? I need to go shopping tomorrow. I love you!

jmuhj said...

Hi, Dad, Ms. Mary, and Princess beauty! Hope it warms up a little for you and that the sun shines brightly tomorrow. Did you get your fence posts? How about Jade -- did she arrive yet? Sure hope she has a safe journey -- that is such a long trip and I'm glad she can be with the family for the holidays.

Yes, that is a lovely picture of Kelly's chickens and they certainly do look well looked after. Thanks for sharing!

Your side panel links work fine for me, I'm happy to say.

Here's wishing you all the very best for the holidays, a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year! My/our best to you all, and big PURRS to the Princess beauty! ^^