Saturday, September 25, 2010


Good Morning
How are you feeling this saturday morning ? Well I am out of bed drinking Starbucks and trying to say just a few words about our convention. This is the last full day, the last meeting will be over sunday afternoon. Mary and I have enjoyed it to the fullest, we have received so much help, now we are going to get down to business and do what we have heard, if we don't do that it would be time wasted.
Our buddy
Prince is going to be so glad that it is over he has made it fine but I know that he would rather we be here at home all day long
. That all I have right now, I will see you monday moning as I do not write a blog on sunday
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning, DAD,
I saw the most glorious rainbow this afternoon.It was broad and brilliant like none I had ever seen. It made me happy. The wisdom being shared at the Convention is broadening your understanding and making you happy. Have a glorious day. Aloha, Sara's aunt

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I will pour some Sumatra that you left for us and SMILE as I read how much you are enjoying the convention and learning new things to share with us. It is a beautiful fall day and one that I will not waste.

Prince knows how to get extra strokes and treats by pretending he is mad at you for leaving him behind. He is a clever cat.

Enjoy another inspirational day!...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Prince:

Only one more day to go before you have your family by your side day and night! Enjoy your extra strokes and treats -- you've earned 'em, of course, being strong and patient and guarding things for them. We send love and purrs to you all! Love, Jamaka and fams ^^

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD..

Sunday morning and I came by to check on the bird feeder. There must have been 20 birds feeding, including 1 bright red one. The streets look shiny and wet. I think the birds are enjoying Knoxville's cooler, slightly wet weather. I hope the birds will be back when you get home this afternoon so you can enjoy them as well. ...Sara's Mom