Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My Great Grandson, Zachary! He is 9 years old and in the 4th grade.

Good Morning
I do have some thing to talk about this morning that I am very proud of and that is my Great Grandson Zachary picture above, this was taken a few days ago at Grandparents day at his school. We do have a Doctors appointment this morning real early, and when we return we will tell you a lot about Zachary, such as he being a 4th generation white and its up him to carry this white name on, and I have confidence that he will be able to do the job, we will tell you about his sports and lots about this young man that Great Grand Dad is so proud of.
Before we leave I do need my SUMTRA x bold coffee and my check on Sara, Misty and Oreo at Sara's Dog Training blog, if I miss either of those my day just don't go right. DAD.
i am very proud of this below telling us that Kuwait has joined us, that makes 96 countries of the world that we are in, welcome KUWATE, DAD
This is an 'opt-in' email alert from NeoWORX.net. Congratulations! You just had your first visitor from Kuwait.

Visit Kuwait on Wikipedia ..
Here is a link below to our local weather, you may get your own by just typing in your zip code.....usa/tennessee/knoxville/id/37920.
A few clouds. Warm. High 31C. Winds light and variable.
Sunny to partly cloudy. Warm. High 89F. Winds light and variable..
I never feel that I am done unless I give you this link below. It is so helpful in producing tomatoes, read if to the end. DAD
I know that this is not very much, but all I have time for today. I do hope to see you in the morning. Love and Best wishes to all of you all around this world, and remember that our SMILE does really go around this world. " Be Good"
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your Great Grandson is a handsome looking young man. I know you are very proud of him. Hope all goes well at the doctors today and that your Tuesday is a terrific one.

Sara said...

Zachary looks thrilled about grandparents' day at school! Can't wait to hear more about him.

Hope you get good news at the doctor today.

I'm waiting for the sun to come up a bit, and then we're heading out for our walk.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

I am a little late. You may even be back from your appointment already. I always prefer my appointments to be early and not to break up my day. I know you make the doctor SMILE with your humor and I hope he made you SMILE with good results.

With that neat row of lockers behind Zachary, my guess is he is now in middle-school. He seems real happy and confident. As great-grand-DAD, were you invited to the event as well. Not too many children have an active great grandparent these days. We have a young relative who went off to middle-school last week. Daniel said all was good except he didn't expect to remember his locker combination until spring...it was the thing he was most worried about.

Another beautiful day here, good for getting some outdoor work done. After my cup of sumatra with you, I'll go out and wash some of the lawn furniture and put it away. We won't be having your 89 degree temperatures until next July. Hope you have a nice breeze with those temps so you can enjoy some outdoor time today. Have a peaceful day sitting on your patio with Mary and Prince watching the birds flutter about. ...Sara's Mom

Ally Lifewithally said...

Your Great Grandson is a handsome young man ~ can understand you being so pround of him ~
I hope your appointment with the Doctor goes well ~ Ally x

Ally Lifewithally said...

sorry dad that should read Proud of him ~ Ally xx

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince!:

Hope your doctor gives you a good bill of health, Dad. We wouldn't want to hear any bad reports on you ;) Safe journeys there and home.

Zachary is getting very tall! He's looking like a young man, isn't he?

Hope the rest of the day/evening is a relaxing one for you all. Love from Jamaka and family, with SMILES and PURRS to the other special young man(cat) in the family <3