Friday, November 12, 2010


Down below in this journal Mary tell us about her visit with her doctor at Vanderbilt.
"Time is so precious- do not waste it"
Good Morning.
How are you feeling this Friday morning ? I hope to hear you say fine, and I think that you are. We all are as usual looking, for the rest and relaxing in the days that we will be home. Even though Mary and I were not at home yesterday, I received a lot of comments which we do appreciate, So many appreciated the poem about the old people. A lot of my comments come to me in an email and you do not see them, I am sorry, I wish that you could. Any way I do want to thank all our world wide friends who have been so kind and helpful to us through the years. Dad.
I don't have to tell you that we are back home from Nashville safe and sound, you wouldn't be reading this if I was still in Nashville. We arrived at home at 8 P.M. and there was one happy Prince waiting for us. All went well at Vanderbilt. We do appreciate those doctors down there and trust them.
Now here is Mary with a note: "
I think that she can explain it a lot better than old Dad can.

Friday, Nov. 12:00, 2 p.m.

Dear Friends, Some of you have been asking about my appointment at Vanderbilt. Thank you for your care.

Jim and Beverly took us (Nov. 11th) and we appreciated that very much.We had a good trip to Vanderbilt. The Dr. is a Specialist in Parkinson's Disease. He and two other Doctors gave me a very intensive Neurological Exam. The illness is progressing, but they made some changes in my medications and added two more. The Dr. said, "Remember that PD is a progressive disease. There is no slowing down of that progression. but we can treat the symptoms" somewhat. The Dr. mentioned that surgery (Deep Brain Stimulation) is an option. I'm not keen on that but it is an option somewhere down the line.
Thank you so much for your interest and care.
Love, Mary

It will be a little later in the day as I am letting her sleep a little longer this morning as she was one tired girl last night. Mary does appreciate all of her friends who were thinking of her.
I am beginning to feel the need of a good hot cup of that Starbucks x bold, so while it is perking why don't we look in on my friends at Sara's Dog Training blog. I always appreciate all that Sara tells me about Misty and Oreo, they look so good in the first picture that comes up. Thanks Sara. DAD..
We are having so much nice fall weather here in East Tennessee and I am enjoying it to the fullest. It has given me some time to do a little more work on my Wildlife Habitat, and I think that the birds are enjoying it. There is a little extra work in having a Habitat, but it is worth it, Why don't you try one for yourself ?
RECORD RELICS. Here is a link that you will enjoy.

Jim and Beverly are planing something that our whole family is going to enjoy, we are all invited to their home in Kingsport for a turkey dinner on thanksgiving day, I may go. ha ha DAD
.Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page -- this is the page to read if you like to produce something beautiful. I was looking over this page this morning and if you read it too the end, you will be pleased. Dad
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The Wildlife Habitat letting you see a lot of beautiful birds are on Cams 2 and 3.

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I am not really done but I have done enough damage for this day, but I will be close home, so you better keep your door locked.

'' live for others every day, forget that old self for a while''





Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

So good to know you and Mary are home and the visit with the doctors went well. It is so important to have a team of doctors you are comfortable with. I'll be checking back to see what Mary has to say. I just know you gave the doctors a laugh or two and they are still chuckling.

I did check in on the bird feeder this morning and it is very, very busy. I think the birds know you are home and came to greet you. And, Prince will be staying close by today...not wanting you out of his sight. Bet he helped with the blog this morning.

As I type, I see the flag flying. You honor the veterans not just on Veteran's Day but everyday.

Enjoy the day in the comfort of your home. Relax with a mug of coffee and begin the weekend one day early. ...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

The trip to Nashville was long, but fortunately, the news is positive. I hope you both rested well last night. What is this that you may not go to Kingsport for Thanksgiving!!
I am assuming that the HaHa means that of course, you will be going. Have a peaceful day. Prince is a darling. Aloha, Sara's aunt

Becky said...

Very glad to hear that you're home safe and sound, and I hope you got to see some pretty sights on your road trip. Thanksgiving at Jim and Beverly's sounds like a wonderful day of family love and good food.

I'll also be checking back to see what Mary found out at the doctor's, I've been worried about her.

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and Prince Charming:

Good news is always a pleasure, and I'm glad your doctor visit was helpful, Ms. Mary -- hope the new meds give you increased comfort and wellbeing. (O)

Glad your journeys were safe and that you have the world's best welcoming committee >^^< ! Enjoy your good Autumn weather and relaxation, won't you all? Love from Jamaka and fams ;)

Kelly said...

I am glad the doctors were able to help some, even if it was just more medications, whatever will help. Tell Mary to stay strong and not let it get her down. She is such a positive woman anyway, but it doesnt hurt to say it. Many hugs coming y'alls, Kelly