Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Report on Jim.
Beveryy called at 9:15 A.M.
Jim is fine every thing went well, the doctor said that he could go home Friday. DAD
Jim called me around noon today from his hospital bed, and he reported that he was feeling good, and he is anxious get home and begin to get able to walk again and above all to fish again
And this has been one day of rain, it has been falling all morning. 0.66 inches the last time that I checked. It is a little quite here today, maybe Xmas shoping has begun. DAD
This is my last update.At 5:P.M Jim is still doing good, looking forward to going home, and I want to tell you about our rain this day, 1:76 inches have fell since I began working this morn, and it is still falling I will see you in the morning ,BYE.

" Begin the day with God "
"Time is so precious - please do not waste it "

Good Morning.

The first thing that I am going to tell you this mornin is that Jim my son is going to have a knee replacement this morning, He enters the hosptal at 7 A.M. He is the one that writes Tennessee Granddaddy . Here is his email address jrw5255@gmail.com.

Well this is # 2 on our new 5 day schedule that I am enjoying so much, It is a good thing that I have this or I might have had to stop altogether, and you know that I don't plan to ever do that as long as I am able to peck on this keyboard, and a mind well enough to come up with a few thoughts to make you smile, and how to produce tomatoes. Dad .
My friend Joan sent me this article below, I think that it is interesting. If we do not have permission to use it would you let me know and we will gladly remove. Dad.

I get cards to purchase from all different organizations in their efforts to raise money. The photo on this card and the brief bio of the woman Sherida caught my attention because of the "Tomatoes". For this woman, tomatoes are her business and keep her family feed, clothed, and schooled.

Sherida Mkama: mother of 10 and owner of a produce business, Village Bank member in Tanzania

Sherida began selling tomatoes in 1995, starting her small business with only $10. All of her profits went towards her family's basic needs.

In 1998, Sherida heard of an organization that offered loans to women in her area. She used the money from the loan to purchase parts for her bicycle used to transport the tomatoes.
She also purchased seeds and fertilizer and began to cultivate her own tomato garden.

It is time for some of that Starbucks Sumatra x bold and I smell it perking. While we wait why don't we go see my three friends Sara, Misty and Oreo. Just click on Sara's Dog Training blog and Sara will bring us up to date, I could use some good news this morning. I can enjoy my coffee better after I have heard from them.DAD.

The Chicken Chronicles...Again


Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #1

Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #2

Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #3

I hope that you can enjoy the 3 Cam. above today. There is going to be more as the weeks go by, remember that I have plans for near 100 plants to let you watch grow from plants place in the ground untill I am smiling with a tomato sandwich in my hand.


Dad's Tomato Garden Photo Album-2008

Dad's Tomato Garden Photo Album-2009

I had better ask before you get angry and leave How are you feeling this morning ? I just no that your Mood is HAPPY, well mine is also, and I know that you are full of pep and you wish that daylight would come a little sooner, well so do I, so you and I have some of the same traits. I don't feel so alone in the world now.

Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page Now you already know this you have heard is so much, do make time to read it, you will thank Dad when you start your tomato garden.


I am going to leave before you kick me out, but I am not going very far from this computer, I want to be able to give you an update on Jim and any other things that might come in.

It has been a pleasure to talk to you, and I hope to do the same again on wednesday.

Love and best wishel to all the world.

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Sara said...

Hope Jim's surgery goes well today.

It was tough going back to work yesterday, everyone, including the kids, seeemed a bit tired in the morning. I think things will seem more normal today.

Misty will be having her ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully they will be able to tell us what is really wrong with her so we can get her some good treatment to make her feel better. Right now, I'm feeding her homemade rice and hamburger meat. She's VERY happy about that!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you are happy today and I'm one of those happy people too. Your son will be in my thoughts and prayers today. I do hope he'll be blessed with a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. It's raining here today but snow is on the way tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

It is 8:30 and Jim's surgery is probably completed by now and you will be getting an update soon. I have several friends who have new knees or new hips and they are all very happy with their decision.

It is a bit dreary outside today but you always put a smile on my face and make my day a happy one. Yesterday was so lovely out that I even climbed the ladder and hung a fresh holiday wreath on my house. Can't believe I have a basket of greens on the step and a wreath between the windows and it is not December yet. But, with our northern cold, snowy, windy weather I decided to do it on the first warm day after Thanksgiving.

Sherida's basket of tomatoes sent me to the store yesterday. I came home with some cherry tomatoes and a bottle of tomato juice. Not quite the same as eating an heirloom tomato but still tasty and healthy.

Have a lovely day and maybe an extra cup of coffee. ...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

Jim is out of surgery and doing fine! I'm sure there were a lot of sighs of relief from everyone in the White family. By Friday he will be ready to go home to some of Beverly's good food and his own comfortable bed and chairs. Thanks for the update! ..Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

Jim is as strong as his Dad!. We are thankful that the surgery went well and that Jim is resting. He will probably be like Joan's husband who did double the exercises after hip replacement. He wanted to get moving. Jim is already ready to go fishing.
Fortunately, it isn't fishing season. Enjoy your coffee and the beautiful sound of the rain. Aloha....Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince Charming:

Oh, that was an early surgery! Best wishes to your son for his speedy recovery and ease of mobility. Many people have these operations and it helps many.

Ms. Mkama is one of many doing the impossible through microfinance. Another success story and very glad to read of it! In her case, too, she and her family will have not only profits but produce ;) and what could be better?

Stay warm and dry, all! My love to you all, and rumbly PURRS to the Prince from Jamaka and fams <3