Monday, November 14, 2011


Good Morning.

(Note: you may notice some changes in journal entry count, tomorrow I am using what AOL is useing, it may be a little less. DAD)

I am in a Happy mood this Monday morning  one of the reason is that I am so glad to be in the land of the living, and another one is that I am feeling good and I want to get outside and do a few things that have not been done yet, and winter time is upon us.

WHAT'S NEW AT MY HOUSE..Be sure that you look at this today, it is good. Dad

I am also anxious to get back in that Oxygen Treatment, it seems a long time since Friday. Dr Hall what kind of a mood are you in this morning ? It had better be HAPPY  when I call Sherry telling her that I am in the parking lot the first question that I have will be about your mood. I will just have to face what ever it is I think because I cannot miss that Oxygen this morning, I feel the need of it. DAD

It is amazing what the Oxygen  has done for me, even the nurses that visit me at my home are afraid that  are going to loose their job.

I sure hope that does not have to to happen, they all are sweet and kind to me when they visit me, but I do want to get well, and there will be others coming on that they can serve as they have me. I will say that they are one group of sweet ladies, please tell the next one that come to you home what DAD said.

I told Mary the other day that if the smiles and kindness that I receive from all of you was all I received here, not even any Oxygen the trip would be worthwhile, I would still come. Smiles and Kindness are healing. DAD.

Believe me !   This is more than worth your time……..
The man who was first assigned as pilot to Flight 11 that hit the first tower..   

American Profile Magazine


It is time for me to leave you for a little while, before I go I would like to remind all you good business owners that I do sell space in this world wide journal for as little as $1.00 per day, write Dad at and he will take care of you, no deposits or contracts to sign. I wish that I did not have to mention this but some times the coffers to get low and it takes cash to make things go in the right direction. DAD.

I have enjoyed my early morning visit with you. Now I must  go and get that OXYGEN treatment started, I plan to be here in the morning, please do not lock me out, you do not want to see this old man cry do you ?

BYE     BYE     DAD



Sara said...

Good morning.

We spent the weekend in NJ with my sister and nephews. Chewy had a great time, and did so well traveling and adjusting to a new place.

Oreo has been on many road trips, so I knew what to expect from him.

Now, it is back to work!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

It is a good Monday morning with lots done already. My mood is Happy and I am Smiling.

As I sit here with my cup of x-bold and look out the window, the weekend winds blew all the leaves off of our 2 Maple trees. The lawn was a crunchy field of color this morning. Then Pete came with all his equipment and blew the leaves onto a tarp and then into a more signs of fall. It is looking like winter is on the way!

I stopped by What's New At My House and I agree she has lots of good stuff out there. She is such a positive person, just like you, she always makes me smile and inspires me to do better.

Hope your day is a peaceful one.

...Sara's Mom