Saturday, November 26, 2011


Take up thy cross thy Saviour said, if thou would my deciple be----The way of the cross leads home.

Good morning.

I am in a happy mood and I hope that you can be here with me, whatever comes across your path it’s the best place to be. Dad.
I think of this as rest days, because I do not write a journai on Sunday this one is for today and Sunday , if I am spared untill Monday I will bring you a new one and I hope it will be one to make you smile
I always leave this journal open until late even for more enterys, if you have anything to offer let me know, I will be glad to hear from you.
Prince is doing good he is an expert on naps and I think that I will join him Dad
You may be see me every few minuets through this day’
Live for others every day ‘tis the true the better day. DAD
BYE     BYE       DAD


Joan said...

Hello DAD....

I stopped by earlier today but than the old pc acted up.....I think from too much on-line holiday shopping. It is a lazy day for me. Still recovering from Thanksgiving. I think if I had a cat I'd be napping about now.

I hope you are enjoying a quiet day today.

...Sara's Mom

betty said...

It's a lazy day here. I rarely take a nap but today I found myself nodding off. I don't know how the big time shoppers are doing it, but they are out and the shops are crowded. Enjoy the fellowship at Bible Study tomorrow.
Aloha to you, Mary, and Prince from Hawaii....Sara's aunt