Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Begin the day with God, go through the day with God, conclude the day with God , and you will be surprised what he can do in your life if you will let Him.

Good Morning’

I am in a very Happy mood this m0rning, are you surprised. At the moment things are going good, but you can never tell, in the twinkle of an eye thing can change that could affect our mood, we are not going to let that happen to us. “ Don’t let thought of the past, and the worries  about tomorrow rob you of the pleasures of today.”

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betty said...

Good Morning, DAD,
The early bird catches the worm.
You are up and it isn't even bright, yet. The new DELL must be getting used to your ways. Things look good! You have a long day planned. Do try to fit in an afternoon nap. There is going to be another busy day to follow this one. Smiles and Aloha from HI....Sara's aunt

Sara said...

Chewy was up extra early this morning. He must have heard the rain falling.

One more day of work, and then a nice little break. All of us teachers are ready for one.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one ! Glad things are going well for you today.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I am in a good mood as I begin the preparations for tomorrow feast. I just finished the sweet potato casserole and I am in need of a coffee break. Thanks for pouring and keeping it hot for me.

I like the new layout you are using in your blog...very easy to read all the good stuff you give us. Glad you are back and no longer confused or frustrated.

You definitely have a busy day and you definitely won't let age slow you down. You are an inspiration to so many of us. Me, I like that nap part best but no nap for me is a day of cooking so tomorrow's work will be easier and I can relax and enjoy the day with my family and friends.

Enjoy the meeting tonight.
...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet, wise Prince:

Glad to see you are obviously enjoying your new computer, and hoping your HBOT session was a good one ;) I guess, since you celebrate tomorrow as a holiday, you are preparing for a big family reunion and a fine feast. Safe journeys, and enjoy! Sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams<3