Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Time is so precious-do not waste it'

Good Morning.

I am in a very Happy Mood this morning.

So many good things happened to us yesterday that it would be hard not to be happy. The morning started off in a very bad way, it soon changed to things going our way. We were dressed to go for the Oxygen treatment and our car would not start, what do you do about things like that. We called our best friend Ted next door and he gladly provided us a car to drive for the day, I did not have to miss after all. That is a true friend, not one that talks and does nothing. DAD

Would you like to join me in a cup of Starbucks Sumtara x bold. It is ready and I am ready for it.

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Then things did go from good to better to best,. Mary soon had the car in service with a new batter from AAA and we were able to go again. Mary has needed a new kitchen sink for months well she has that now, and on and on through the day things worked real good. I have learned much from that day, when things seem to go wrong just settle your self down and things will be better, as one of our hymns says these things happen to us "To weans us from this changing world ". We do want to enjoy life and also help others to do the same. produce a few smiles as we plod along.

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    I am not going to say much more this morning as I am running a little late. But you are as usual invited to our side panel where you will find many interesting things, just roam around and see what you will find. I hope to talk to you later in the day. I am so glad to be Happy again and I hope that you can be happy with me.

  • It is now 12:37 pm just arrived back home from my oxygen treatment, all went well. A beautiful day in east tennessee tempeature 64 degrees . See you in the morning DAD.

    BYE    BYE     DAD



    Sara said...

    Glad to hear that your day turned around for you, and I hope that today starts off well.

    ENjoy your therapy today, and tell Mary to nejoy her new sink!

    Joan said...

    Good Morning DAD...

    I came by for a coffee break and got smiles as well knowing your day started out Happy today.

    You did have a very busy day yesterday and all the day's problems turned out well. I bet Mary is smiling at her new sink and cleaning every spot to keep it shining. I hope today is less stressful so you can just enjoy your HBOT time and then the beauty of your habitat and quiet time with Prince. I have so many squirrels gathering acorns from the old oak tree. It is definitely a natural habitat for them.

    Have a very peaceful day!
    ..Sara's Mom

    betty said...

    Wow! Yesterday was quite a day! I am sure you woke up today with a smile knowing that everything was in order and working. Good neighbors are a blessing. Ted will be getting some juicy tomatoes next summer. You would think that Diamond Head would be green with all the rain we have been having, but it is still brown. Enjoy the day. Aloha from Hawaii......Sara's aunt

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

    Yes, as we plod through this world with its many challenges, it's good to try to SMILE, isn't it, Dad? Not easy sometimes, but when you have a good friend/neighbor like you have, a new battery and a new sink, you have reasons to be happy; and of course, with a sweet cat like Prince to warm your lap and lighten your heart with his sweet purrs, how could you not be happy?

    Sounds like we have twin weather -- it's sunny and beautiful here, too, cool, and Autumn is here. Wishing you all a good afternoon/evening, with love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3