Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Good Morning
As I sat down at the keyboard this morning the words that I was thinking about was " Another day, another dollar." When I was in my earliest 20s those words were real to me. It was not a joke to us who lived in those days, many of us have worked for a dollar a day and we did survive on it and LaVerne and I were in Love and so happy. How can you beat that, maybe prosperity has has taken a few good think away from us that we enjoyed at one time in our lives, think it over. DAD
.To visit Misty and Oreo Click here I am alwas happy when I do, and I am sure that you will be smiling when you leave. DAD.
I do not have very much to tell you that I accomplished yesterday, but I was as busy as a bee. At the back side o my patio I have a lot that belonged to my sheltie BEAUTY. Since she is not with me now I decidet to clean it up and use it for another beautiful Cam, sight, there are some real larges trees in this spot will be wonderful for the birds to be shown up close. Beauty would be proud of this. Dad
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More sun than clouds. Hot. High 33C. Winds light and variable.
Partly cloudy. Hot. High 93F. Winds light and variable.

I have a litle more that I wanted to say this morning but it is TUESDAY morning and I am getting started on my days work, I am o.k and in a Happy mood and wish the same for all of you. I Love you. DAD
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Sara said...

A sheltie named "Beauty", I'm sure she fit her name! I'm sure Beauty will love having the cam there.

I've never worked for a dollar a day, but Jeff & I have certainly worked for far less than we make now. I think it helps us appreciate what we have now, and be compassionate for those who have less.

Hope you have a great day!

Off for a walk....

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I hope you have a good day Dad! Looking forward to the new cam position. Linda in Upstate NY

Julie said...

I remember working for 70 cents a hour but not a dollar a day. I love your cams and I am sure Beauty would have loved her area the way you have fixed it up.

Rob said...

Hey Dad, Some times the days when you don't have much to say about are the more productive. I guess it would be hard clearing out that stuff as I know how you love Beauty.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, DAD,
You got us reflecting on our blessing this morning. I remember working for $7 a day. It is amazing all that I could buy and the happiness the job gave me. When I get back home, Ill check out Beauty's Place. Have a fine day. Aloha from NYC Sara's aunt

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

You did have another hard day at work. Cleaning up an area is always hard work but it always feels good and looks good once the work is done. With it being an area loved by "Beauty" your mind must have been as busy as your hands. So many memories. If you get a chance, read the poem A Tribute to Dogs by John Wilsterman, I think you'll enjoy it.

I will have a hard day today. Tomorrow we are having carpeting installed and that means emptying out bookcases and moving the smaller items out of the room today.

I can tell, as you get closer to your 97th birthday, you are missing even more the beautiful people and pets that made your life so happy. You were blessed with love and now as you dream about them you continue to feel their love and you SMILE big SMILES just thinking about them.

Don't work too hard today, it is too hot a day. Take time to sit and dream. ..Sara's Mom

Hollie said...

Good Morning,
Don't you over do it Dad. Glad to hear you are doing well. You take care & give Mary a hug for me!

madcobug said...

Good evening Dad. Glad to hear that you are doing well. Bet that spot when you get finished with it will be just as beautiful as Beauty was. Have a great evening. Helen

Amanda said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts. Your blog continues to be such a special place to reflect and learn

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince!:

You know, Dad, I learn from you every day, and what you posted today is so true. Nice things and earthly comforts are always welcome, but they just aren't all that much without caring and sharing. You are richly blessed in that way, with your loving family and your devotion. What is more precious than that?

Wishing you, Ms. Mary, and handsome Prince a relaxing and wonderful evening, with love from Jamaka and fams