Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Good Morning
My mood is Happy again this wednesday morning, things are not going as you would say "tip top" but better than I deserve, the sooner that we learn to take things with a smile insteady of " flying off the handle " the better off we will be.
I feel like I did get a few thing done yesterday, you will not know the place in a few days, another good rain yesterday afternood and the grass is begining to look like grass.
Here is a link below to our local weather, you may get your own by just typing in your zip code. .todays/usa/tennessee/knoxville/id/37920 ..
.Since the weather is important to us all around here I am going to show it to you first this morning. Some of us are complaining and some rejoicing.

Showers and thunderstorms. Humid. High 28C. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%.
Isolated thunderstorms during the morning becoming more widespread this afternoon. Humid. High 84F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%..
We don't want to forget Sara this morning, we want to be kind to her becaus she is the only one that can let us in at Sara's Dog Training home, and we do want to see Misty and Oreo. Thanks Sara for all that you do for us, Dad.
And I am testing out my Sumatra X bold that finished perking, I will save some for you. ..
The tomato season is not over every where in this world so some of you might like to see this LINK .BELOW..
Dad's Tomato
Web Page .it will be a lot of help to you. Be sure and read all the way to the end of this. DAD..
The poem below was given to me by MARY, and she thought that I should show it to you. It is a little long but it is well worth taking the time to read. It will show us that there is something that we can do in this world in "Living for others" I am sure that you will thak mary for this'
If you cannot, on the ocean, sail among the swiftest fleet.
Rocking on the highest billows, laughing at the storms you meet.
You can stand among the sailors, anchored yet within the bay.
You can lend a hand to help them, as they launch their boats away.

If you are too weak to journey up the mountain steep and high,
You can stand within the valley while the multitudes go by.
You can chant in happy measure as they slowly pass along,
Though they may forget the singer, they will not forget the song.

If you have not gold and silver ever ready to command;
If you cannot toward the needy reach an ever open hand;
You can visit the afflicted, o’er the erring you can weep;
You can be a true disciple, sitting at the Savior’s feet.

If you cannot, in the conflict prove yourself a soldier true,
If where fire and smoke are thickest, there’s no work for you to do;
When the battlefield is silent you can go with careful tread,
You can bear away the wounded, you can cover up the dead.

If you cannot, in the harvest, gather up the richest sheaves,
Many a grain both ripe and golden of the careless reaper leaves.
Go and glean among the briars growing rank against the wall,
For it may be that their shadow hides the heaviest wheat of all.

Do not, then, stand idly waiting, for some greater work to do;
Fortune is a lazy goddess, she will never come to you.
Go and toil in any vineyard, do not fear or dare,
If you want a field of labor, you can find it anywhere.
Words: Ellen Gates, 1860 .
This is all for this day, I hope to be able to see you in the morning. Let us try to be kind and have a smile today, I do not like frowns.
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

My company arrived yesterday and we had a wonderful afternoon and evening. First thing served were tomato sandwiches made with Dad's tomatoes. Today I am packing a picnic lunch of tomatoes and rolls to make tomato sandwiches. The little granddaughter had so much fun with my friend's granddaughter swimming and then at a small amusement park. The day went by too quickly.

Shortly we will be off to visit Sara, Oreo, and Misty. Misty is a favorite of the little one and she has a gift for both dogs.

So glad Mary encouraged you to post the lovely poem by Ellen Gates who had so much wisdom to offer way back in 1860.

Have a peaceful, smile filled afternoon and then an inspirationalb evening at your meeting.

...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, DAD,
Aloha from Albany! It is wonderful to be visiting with Joan and Len. Yesterday, I had my first ever Tenn. Tomato. Boy, it was super juicy and delicious. My grandbaby picked a cherry tomato from Joan's vine. She saw a chipmunk this morning and was pleased that she got the tomato before the wee critter. Some of the "green" tomatoes have turned red - better for lovely tomato sandwiches. In a few minutes we will be off to see Misty and Oreo. Amelia loves Misty because she is gentle. I hope you have a good day and are able to continue with your "beautification" project. Big smiles from all of us. Carry patience and love to your prayer meeting tonight. aloha, Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and Prince!:

Oh, isn't that a wonderful poem! Very good food for thought for everyone, and everyone CAN do something every day to help others -- it is so true. Could we get through a day without this? I don't think so! ;)

Your weather looks quite bearable today, Dad, and I hope you get that rain. Wish we could see your habitat! but we just have to know it's going to be lovely and we're so glad that you made it so the animals will be able to find sanctuary there.

Love to you all, and special PURRS to Prince from Jamaka and family <3