Friday, October 15, 2010


. Time is so precious- do not waste it
Good Morning.
I can say that I am glad that this is Friday, because I know that the weekend is near, and I do need it. The help that I get on Sundays are a great help to me. .
We did get a few things done yesterday, the day started out with rain but soon stopped, we were able to get all our birds feeders up and filled with feed, I hope that you will be able to see how the are working today, Cam # 2 may be the best but # 3 is good. Now the lights for night view will soon be ready. I love my Wildlife Habitat. Day.
The open space that you see right beyond Can # 2 is where I plan to have about 50 tomato plants
Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #1
Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #2
Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #3
I do feel a little weary this morning so I am going to make this Journal short today. I need to go to the barber shop and get my pretty grey hair cut this morning.
I do want to see Sara Misty and Oreo, I know that Sara is taking the best of care of them by reading her blog Sara's Dog Training blog each day. Smile.
And I do have that Sumatra x bold ready if any of you are close enough to stop and see me. DAD
This is not all for today more a little later in the morning.

" Give and Forgive"



Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Not only are you awake early, you'll be out of the house early as well. If you're anything like me, once you're out you'll find a few other stops to make, maybe even one to Starbucks or the Waffle House.

Very cool and rainy here with a lot more on its way. Guess we won't be heading to the grounds of the Hudson Valley Mansions today. I'll have to get my sunshine and smiles from you today. I'll have a cup of that sumatra and visit your birds and read some of your sidebars.

Enjoy your outings and later enjoy the Natural Wildlife Habitat you have worked so, so hard to create. ...Sara's Mom

Sheila said...

Good morning Dad, enjoy your day out and about. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take care, Sheila

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and handsome Prince!:

Sounds like you've gotten everything ready for Prince's viewing pleasure again, Dad. That's very kind of you, and so important for him! :)

Hope your barber does a good job and that you have safe journeys to town and home. It's Friday so you don't have to feel at all bad about relaxing for the rest of the day, either, if you want!

Love to you all from Jamaka and fams