Thursday, October 14, 2010


Here above is a picture of my pet for a few years, he is gone now, you can see his grave site on cam # 1 . I miss him so much. We had so many good times together, wherever I was he was lying at my side , he spent many days with me in my tomato garden his name is Scottie and you can see that he is a Sheltie .
One thing that he liked to do was ride in the car in the front seat and race motor cycles. Mary had to sit in the back seat. Oh what sweet memories. Right here would be a good place to tell you something that I have to enjoy and make me smile today, (I will have to admit it smetimes it brings tears to my eyes) it is Sara, Misty and Oreo. I can see what is going on at Sara's Sara's Dog Training blog Sara is such an expert at taking care of them.
. Some one ask me a few days ago why do you write a journal. ( I like the name Journal rather than blog ) If you will look at the top of this journal on the right side you will see what I said over 7 years ago about this, and I say the same today. When I was young in my early teens my father and I had a small tomato garden in our front yard, and I fell in love with tomato gardening. Since that time others things have come up that spurs me on. The love for the Wild Life Habitat and the love for roses and the desire to make you smile, not worry and enjoy life to the fullest. I am only 97 years and 41 days old today, so maybe you won't have to put up with me much longer. Dad.
The Singing Anesthesiologists - This one is just too funny! Listen carefully to the words! These singers are all Anesthesiologists in Minnesota and they can really sing. They are also funny. Here they sing "Waking up is hard to do" click on:
Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #1
Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #2
Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #3
I am happy to say that my 3 cams are still working, they will be better in a few days when we get the lighting ready for night time viewing. You may notice this morning on cam 2 that we have two new bird feeders up and we have more to put up. In the spot on cam 2 just beyond the bird feeders is where we are going to have tomatoes in the 2011 season. Dad.
Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page This above is an important link in what I am trying to help you do, produce better tomatoes, please look at it.
It has been raining this morning. You may not be able to see many birds 0n Cam # 3 early this morning, as you can see there is water in their feed pan, and I am c0mpletly out of bird feed, but I will have it soon this morning. Dad
I am going to stop here for a while and see what I can do outside, I may see you again.
" Love thy neighbor as thyself."


Becky said...

Dad, what a beautiful journal entry this is this morning. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about Scottie, and also hearing about how you and your dad had a tomato garden. I never knew that. Thanks also for your words from yesterday about quiet time. We all need quiet time. Your journal is always a few moments of quiet and peace for me, and I appreciate you so much.

Sara said...

Scottie was a very handsome boys. Dogs do love to go for car rides, don't they? Especially if they get to ride in the front seat! I think they really want to drive the car.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's so great to be able to dig out memories like you did this morning of your lovely dog. I always feel that those we've loved are really never gone when they are kept close in our minds and our hearts. It has rained here this morning too and we are getting much cooler here. I hope our Thursday is a wonderful one!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I agree with's journal is beautiful. And a daily visit offers a few moments of peace, quiet and inspiration.

Scotty was such a beautiful sheltie. He seems so gentle and loving. I can see him sitting in the front seat of the car with his face out the window and wind blowing through his hair. Poor Mary..having to sit in the backseat. She must have loved Scotty as much as you did to agree to that.

The Singing Anesthesiologists made me laugh and I immediately forwarded the link onto friends.

I enjoyed the story of when your love of the ground, nature and growing things began. Keep on sharing those memories and stories. You are an inspiration to all of us. ...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary and sweet Prince:

Hoping you got a fresh supply of birdseed so Prince won't miss any of the Cat-o-Vision he loves ;) That's a very important staple here at our house, too -- I'm very lucky to have a good friend who helps me with the 40-lb. bags of seed so I never run out! I'm sure there would be a lot of not-so-happy campers here if that was ever to happen.

Wishing you all a great evening, with tomatoes! Love, Jamaka and fams

Anonymous said...

Dear DAD,
Not only is this a great posting, but also your blogger friends make me smile. How wonderful to have had Scotty in your life. He made you happy. Thinking of him brings back good times. Maybe Mary got used to the back seat and if she isn't driving, still sits there. Aloha, Sara's aunt